Cross Ox - a detailed review of the popular men's bag made of genuine leather

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Meet the next bag from the Middle Kingdom. Today, we review Cross Ox, a rather popular company on AliExpress along with such companies as Bison Denim, Marrant, Contacts, Tauren and JMD.
The seller sent the package the next day after placing the order by the courier service IML Express. Since this company has a warehouse in Moscow, the bag arrived pretty quickly, in five days. Picked up himself from their office.
The bag is packed soundly - outer tightbag, bubble wrap, oilcloth, cloth bag. After opening the bag, there was a harsh smell that weathered in half a day spent by the bag on the balcony. There was only a slight smell of a leather product.

Appearance of the bag
Outside, the bag has two zipped compartments,plus one on the button. The main compartment is divided by a partition and closes with a zipper. Inside are several small pockets. Shoulder strap with logo, adjustable, non-removable.
The lining is dark gray, rather dense.
Additional photos

Bag sizes

So the bag looks in a sock:

A video review was also shot on the bag:
Of the minuses: the lining could be made of a denser material, and there are a couple of places where the fittings are slightly under-polished, but this needs to be closely watched. Otherwise, the price is quite consistent with the quality. But, of course, this product is not for those who thoroughly and fanatically approach the choice of leather accessories. The material is definitely not dermantine, but not 100% natural, as stated by the seller - it does not respond to fire and the smell is really “leather”, but does not absorb water. Most likely this is a split with the so-called "artificial face".
In general, the bag is made quite neatly and efficiently.
More on the delivery of all products Cross Ox. Judging by the reviews, a situation often arises when, after placing an order, a copy of the desired color does not appear in the Moscow warehouse and you have to wait for an order from China, which is naturally longer. Therefore, you should always check with the seller in advance the availability of the desired model.
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