DaYan 5 ZhanChi 3x3x3 (57mm) VS. Cyclone Boys Simplified 3x3x3 (56mm)

Good day, dear "victims" of the Internet web.
In a previous review, I told you about a wonderfulCyclone Boys Simplified cube, but less than 2 months later my box with the "cyclones" was distributed to friends and acquaintances. This time, it was decided to take a pair of DaYan 5 ZhanChi for myself and a box of Cyclone Boys for gifts.
Now let's compare.
Specifications: Manufacturer: DaYan
Material: ABC plastic
Sticker: Stickerless (no stickers)
Size: 57x57x57 mm., Weight - 87.8 g.
Level: 3x3x3
Delivery: assembled, lubricated, mechanism diagnostics, original cardboard packaging.
Analogs: DaYan 5 ZhanChi mixed black

Existing sizes - 42, 50, 55, 57 mm.

Existing color options:

+ option with black instead of white.

Paid March 16, received April 10.

The seller kindly put the stand and screwdriver. Or kindly one kit hiccuped?

Speed ​​cube DaYan 5 ZhanChi (DaYan 5) - fifthgeneration of the most authoritative model of speed cubes. It is considered the fastest puzzle on the planet. This model has a standard color (white side). This model does not require stickers; the cube itself is assembled from colored plastic.
This solution is very convenient - no needto re-stick worn stickers, the cube always looks good and is pleasant to the touch, but such a model is not allowed in official competitions due to the fact that you can see the color of the face without looking at it in person. It is believed that this gives an advantage during assembly. For official competitions, cubes made of plastic of one (any) color, with stickers glued, are suitable.
As the name suggests, DaYan is 1mm larger than Cyclone.
In the middle of the Cyclone, on the sides of the DaYan.

Cubes are different colors. DaYan has a more natural color, Cyclone is acidic.
DaYan on the left, Cyclone on the right.

There are also differences in the mechanism and plastic. The DaYan plastic is more natural, the Cyclone is glossy.
Thanks to the glossiness, Cyclone glides easier.

And the final difference is weight. Judging by the seller, DaYan weighs 81g, Cyclone - 159g. No scales to check, but the difference is felt.
By intuitive sensations, Cyclone resembles the BMW E60 in the maximum configuration, before restyling, and DaYan - the Mercedes W204 in the base, after restyling.
Different brands, different years, different classes, different equipment. To your taste.
To summarize:DaYan is made well and if at first glance it may seem empty like a drum, without any bells and whistles (light, not glossy, not acidic), then its brand should be taken into account, probably for a reason it costs more than Cyclone.
The feeling of buying is twofold. I recommend a couple to take and check for yourself.
In any case, it will be possible to drive 2 times more expensive or give it to friends, relatives.
Pros: DaYan 5 ZhanChi
+ Box.
+ Big name.
+ Quality materials and workmanship.
+ Standard size.
+ Lack of stickers.
+ Natural colors.
+ Ability to adjust the "tightness".
+ Fast delivery, great seller.
Cons: - Not found.
One could find fault with the price, but now the seller has a discount.
Discount Price US $ 8.95. Fly in!
Thank you all for your attention.