Ding Ding SK3 Pro is a miracle smartphone Ding Ding and a bit of humor.

It is easy to understand that the bad thing Ding - Ding will not be called.
The miracles of smartphone manufacturing or the tale of how the Chinese did make a copy on the LG G3, spat with the words, “and it will do,” and in general they didn’t do it very well.

This smartphone came from a store who wished to remain anonymous. The packaging is brutal, strong black, with gold letters.

On the reverse side of the characteristics:

Inside the box, a strict set, charging, instructions and a very decent cable in the style of OnePlus One.

In general, when I took out a smartphone, I took it in my handthat thing is hoo, it looks just gorgeous, thin frames, very compact, compared to it my Ulefone Be Pro is a creepy shovel, although the screens are the same diagonal 5.5 ". In general, friends, see for yourself.

A little later I found out that the design is an exact copy of the LG G3, but really, the copy is very good, appreciate, for example, the frames around the display, really about 3 mm.
In general, who are interested, see the unpacking:

Consider the device itself, it will be interesting after. On the front there is a screen, a front camera, light and proximity sensors and an LED. The buttons in the SK3 Pro are on-screen. The LED is not without strangeness, the first thing I found out was that it only lights up when charging from the network, when it is charging from the PC it rests, well, in the settings there is 1 mode relative to it ON - OFF, and this was taken to a separate item, maybe in LG G3 also done, write in the comments who knows, but in my opinion this is frank stupidity. Yes, and I’ll say right away that the smartphone is made on a metal frame, that is, the frame on the smartphone is metal.

The back of the smartphone, thanks to the designers of LG,unrealistically beautiful. There is a dual LED flash, two LEDs in brightness, like the one in my Ulefone Be Pro. Logitip Ding - Ding, speaker grill, volume buttons, power button and heart rate sensor. One thing can be said about the heart rate sensor - it burns, does not measure anything, but it burns clearly.
You used to lean your finger against the sensor and tap "START"and you wait 20 minutes, and there everything is 0%. In simple terms, it burns, but does not work. The built-in pedometer also doesn’t measure anything, but if the smartphone carefully shakes it will show some measurement that it conditionally considers steps, tried to step with it, it doesn’t take steps, but if you carefully wave your hands while walking, everything will be gorgeous. Although the name "Pedometer" may be about a completely different dimension.

I was distracted by praising the device, in general, a photo of the back.

There is nothing on the left side, but why should there be everything on the back of the device? On the right is a slot for removing the back cover.

At the bottom there is a microphone, a headset jack and MicroUSB.

At the top end ... I feel like LG experts are tensing up, a second microphone and garbage resembling an infrared port, yes, the Chinese decided to go to copy to the end, it’s unclear what looks like a sensor.

Remove the back cover, there is also a surprise from where they did not wait.

Two SIM cards, a slot for a memory card and a speaker, but the surprise is visible only in the next photo.

Yes, I think many guessed it - this is a battery. The battery here for the claimed 2500 mAh, you can see for yourself.

I weighed it to begin with, 42 grams, for comparisonUlefone Be Pro - 2600 mAh - weighs 49 grams, Elephone G2 - 40 grams - 2300 mAh, we make mathematical proportions and the weight of the battery is 2300 - 2500 mAh, it seems to be true. We launch the Antutu tester and see:

It's not enough, is it? For accuracy, I took my USB tester and measured it.

In general, the battery is about 1700 mAh, further rechecks gave about the same result, only lower.
Back to the beautiful, that is, the design. The design here is really excellent, there are no creaks and backlashes, it’s excellent in your hand, when you speak on the device, the inscription Ding - Ding is closed with your hand and your friends note with respect, - “finally threw off your Chinese people to lumber?” very compact and convenient device, LG - well done.

But for what I don’t like LG, it’s for the buttons onback side, the Chinese are not to blame, they just copied, the real culprit is LG. They seem to have small pens, and a normal Russian man will not bend his fingers like that.
The display of the Ding Ding SK3 Pro was created using IPS OGS technology, HD resolution, in principle, all the way through, the display is really good, there is no color inversion at any angle. Multi-touch - 5 touches.
Viewing angles

Communication is represented by 2G and 3G frequencies, communication quality is good.

Wi-Fi also has no particular complaints, one and two concrete walls.

And here again a surprise - GPS. Surprised - the compass works great! But with GPS, I just didn’t even read the American shaman Castaneda aloud about the roles, he sang mantras. After that, he wound up after that, catches 4-5 satellites and after 2 seconds loses them and everything, no longer finds.

Let's pay tribute, OTG works fine.
One thing can be said about the sound of the SK3 Pro - it is loud, the sound is in the headphones ... umm, well, it just is.
We got to the most interesting thing - the Ding - Ding interface. The interface was carefully copied from LG. He noted for himself a number of bullying users, write whether there is such a thing in the LG shell.
- Widgets are turned on from the device settings with the ON button, and even after ON no widgets can be added to the screen, only wallpapers and applications.
- A screenshot with one three fingers, just as I did not stroke this screen with three fingers, I tried even two and four, the device did not get divorced into a screen.
- Guest mode, in my opinion, is generally not natural.
- Here's the autostart application thing you need.
- On-screen gestures, too, wakes up perfectly from double tap and swipe up, you can also assign letters.
- Eye tracking, also half an evening I tried to turn over the page in the book with my eyes, with the same success I could try to turn over the page of the paper book.
Feature Screenshots

All this Welcome is very similar to LG and is built on Android 4.4.2, which considers itself, thanks to experts from Ding - Ding, Android 4.4.4. A selection of Dalvic / Art is present.

Iron in Ding Ding SK3 Pro, not that freshbut so, judging by offline shopping, it's pretty wow. Here is the old MTK 6582 with 4 cores. 18,000 Antutu is his limit. Well, on average settings, all games will start, there is no noticeable heating, in principle, you can try to play.

1 gigabyte of RAM, 8 inside + memory card, 5 sensors, including magnetic, in general, what I tell if there is a CPU-Z:

Epic Citedel:


Antutu 3D Raiting on OpenGL 2:

Well, everything else to the heap:

The device has 2 cameras, 8 and 2 megapixels. And the front, in principle, is enough, although what kind of 2 are there, in my opinion 0.3 megapixels, see for yourself:

The rear ones are 8 megapixels, not 8 at all, I don’t knowthere is at least 5. But, in my opinion, the camera may be normal here, but the software is clearly not finished, in general, I did not like the photo, a terrible soap. My assessment is a technical camera. Although she can take pictures of people who are not nice to you, to enjoy their smeared faces, without a clear focus.

Photo source can download link.
The video shoots FullHD in 3gp format, pretty tolerable quality.

Serious video review of Ding Ding SK3 Pro:

We came to the conclusions, with everything described above, the money costs different, thank you all for reading, do not forget to click on the “review liked” and all successful Ding - Ding.
P.S. When buying a thing, remember that with it you buy not only its advantages, but also its shortcomings.
P.P.S. For those who have not mastered reading and, as a result, did not understand humor, the phone is bad, Fu-Fu-Fu, drop it, someone else's.