Doogee F2 - budget model with 64bit processor and 4G

Greetings to all smartphone enthusiasts - on reviewone of the latest devices from the Doogee company - the F2 model, or as it is popularly called - Ibiza. To begin with, this model, although it has pretty good characteristics for its price, is not popular.

The smartphone is sold in hundreds of stores, I boughtfrom one of the sellers on Aliexpress for $ 129. We will not stop here, where everyone decides to buy for himself, I’ll just tell you about the device itself
First, let's examine the packaging of the device andsmartphone components. As they say - "meet by clothes" - everything is fine with the device. Bright box, Doogee holograms - everything is as always. But inside everything was laid very beautifully, there are branded films, etc. In addition, it is worth noting that the equipment is quite large, the manufacturer not only put standard accessories - but also puts a transparent case with each phone.

What is surprising - in the instructions, there is a passage in Russian, although not a big one. And everything is written without errors.

But the headset is a moot point. I did not like the sound quality, it is somehow "muffled." Otherwise, the equipment is standard - the seller also threw several gifts in the parcel (for example, a stylus) - but this, I think, is of little interest to anyone.

Now let's move on to the device itself. It is worth noting that it is assembled perfectly. The company did its best, especially liked the metal inserts. But the design seems painfully familiar, but I could not determine what this phone looks like.

Let's go over the controls - on the main side there is a 5MP camera, sensors, and at the bottom there are 3 touch buttons, which, unfortunately, are not highlighted.

On the left is the volume rocker.
On the right is the power button, with which you can also unlock the device.
At the top there is a microUSB input, jack 3.5 for headphones.
On the underside, there is nothing but a microphone.
On the back there is a high-quality, pleasant to the touch cover. The camera is 8 mega pixels with interpolation up to 13, which unfortunately sticks out very much.
Under the cover is a 2500mah battery with a clearly high capacity, a slot for a memory card and for two SIM cards.

The phone itself lies perfectly in the hand and looksstylishly. The only controversial point is the metal rim. Although it looks beautiful, it does not betray the shock resistance of a smartphone. After falling from a height of 1 meter, he bent very much, however - after several hours of “shamanism” - he still managed to not straighten it much, but the fact that he was bent on one side is still noticeable.
Now let's move on to wireless technology. The phone supports all modern services - including 4g internet that just flies. The most interesting thing is that it supports HotKnot, and with Ecoo 4 it “connected” without any problems, and it’s very convenient to use. The GPS module in this phone is present, 30 seconds, and most satellites are found.

Below you will see several tests, however, I think there is no need to explain anything here - the result at this price is quite excellent.

I do not like to talk about every button inphone, I try to talk about the specific pros and cons of a smartphone. Personally, in this model, I was attracted by an abundance of interesting functions, for example, Guest mode - that function that I really found useful in my life and I used it several times already. In addition, smart gestures for every taste. Personally, I use only a few, because half of them are useless. And of course, the matchless HotKnot described above. True, the phone lacks a new-fangled fingerprint scanner, I don’t know why, but Doogee does not use such a function in its devices at all. Yes, and in principle, it is not needed, on phones of other brands it seemed to me very crude, but I liked how it works on Apple.
Now let's move on to the cons. I’ll take the camera here. This is a huge minus. Not to say that the pictures are terrible, but I'm disappointed. 13 megapixel camera, manufacturer Sony, apparently this is just an advertising ploy. In fact, this is a regular 8MP camera with interpolation up to 13. Pictures are sooo specific, and auto focus almost doesn't work. That is, he is, as it were, but not as if. On the same Ecoo, the shots are perfect, and the focus is almost instant. You can see examples of pictures below. Pictures are not bad, but in order to get them you need to really try. Only in 1 out of 10 shots does something worthwhile turn out, in the rest there are problems with auto focus, or the image is not clear.

Another minus is the battery. What do you imagine when you hear 2500mah? Personally, in my opinion, this is a rather large amount at which the smartphone should work at least a day. But the arcs failed this test as well. Charging is spent instantly, and it lasts only half a day. The tester for measurements, unfortunately, is on the way.
The operating system is Android 4.4. Of course, this is one of the latest versions, and the phone has a wireless update - but I very much doubt that Doogee will release an update to 5.0.

So, I tried to tell all aspects of this phone. Now about the games - here, without a doubt, everything is fine. Because one of the latest processors is installed here, and even 64bit.
Another good side of this smartphone is the screen. Despite the fact that the resolution is qHD, it is of rather good quality, it can be seen from all angles. But here the size of 5 inches seems to me not a bit small, I'm already used to big phones

To summarize, not great results. Doogee company tried to make a powerful gaming smartphone, with a beautiful design, 4g and at a cheap price. Apparently, they really did it. I like the design, the games work fine, the Internet flies - the price is $ 120. But unfortunately, other aspects have suffered because of this. Bad battery, camera, qHD screen resolution, only 1gb of RAM and 8gb of internal ... Of course, you can forgive all these problems because of the price of a smartphone.
The model is not perfect, but interesting, and I liked it!
Doogee now has a lot of newdevices such as the Y100, and the Y100 Pro will be released soon. Honestly, this company makes good phones. But they constantly want to make them cheaper. At least a cent, and naturally all of their models are budget. But they do not have flagship smartphones, but I hope they will appear in the future.
+ Screen
+ New processor
+ Many interesting features (guest mode, smart gestures)
+ Beautiful design
+ Support 4G, HotKnot
- Middle camera
- 8GB of internal memory
- No 5.0
- Battery with high capacity
Well, my opinion is purely a small screen
Thank you all for reading the review! I will be very glad if you like it, and I will help someone with the choice!