ds-2cd2032 The cameras that I like.

I have been involved in video surveillance systems for many years.
Previously, as everyone put analog cameras, now of course I switched to digital, I don’t feel like going back.
I tried different cameras, but somehow ILDVR and Hikvision products came across more often, mainly because of convenient software.
That's about the cameras of the second manufacturer and we will talk, or rather about their one, but very successful model.
Who cares, come in.
I will make a reservation right away, screenshots of street images, etc. No, to my great regret.
When I did the review, it was just a few daysbad weather, and then the cameras left for their regular place. Therefore, I wrote my review rather in the style of complementing an existing review where there are screenshots of the camera image and are pretty good.
And I just wanted to recommend a normal seller with good prices.
I ordered four cameras in three calls, the first for testing, then three more. Came without a problem.
Packed quite simply, but quite reliably, it is very difficult to damage the camera during the delivery process.

One camera kit.
Camera itself
A set of screws and plugs for them (frank g ...., as in the branded)
Hermetic kit
Software CD (in theory, I have never even looked at what's on it)
Brief installation instructions.

There is not much information on the camera itself, even more on the box.
The focal length of the lens is 4.0 mm, the maximum power is 7 watts of 12 volts (the PoE switch shows about 5.5 watts).

On the back there is a screw for connecting ground to the camera body and a reset button.

On the front side, the camera is no different from other surveillance cameras. the same lens, such a backlight with a light sensor.

The camera has two connectors.
12 volt power connector
A connector for connecting a LAN cable.
From the poles, the LAN connector canit is practically tightly connected, and if you feed the camera from the switch, then you don’t need to connect anything else, a minus follows from this, it is advisable to isolate the power connector either with electrical tape / heat shrink, or place all the connections in a sealed box.

Fasteners and hermetic kit closer.
The connection is pretty reliable, it’s better of course to make all the connections in boxes anyway, but even in this case the connection is very good.

A complete set of all pieces of paper looks like this.
Brief installation instructions.
Sticker for easy drilling of mounting holes
The round film with the inscription Hikvizhn, incomprehensible to me, does not go to those that are sold with us.
CD and instruction.
To the dome cameras is still a hex key.

Also, the seller put a piece of paper with a request to put him 5 stars and the sticker "video surveillance is underway", only he put one sticker, clamped to put more.

And here are all four beauties together

The bracket is made medium (in general, and not specifically for these cameras).
I had to put different cameras, and II don’t really like this mounting principle, as sometimes the camera can “sag”. Here, the manufacturer made notches to protect against this. But I prefer the brackets, where the fastener has only two degrees of freedom and is tightened with a key or a screwdriver.

Well, how could I resist disassembling the camera
What's inside

I will highlight some of the review to describe the software.
To get started, Hikvision Tools - Hikvision Tools.
There is still software for choosing the correct IPCTool focal length, all the software mentioned in the review will be posted for download.

All camera control can be done through the Web interface.
I hid the description of some features and settings under the spoiler as well.
Description of the web interface

Usually Hikvision cameras are used with their native software.iVMS4200, but in my personal opinion this software is rather miserable. I will not describe it, several screenshots are in this review. If someone will be very interested, then I can show my native software.
There is more sophisticated software, such as TRASSIR, with a bunch of options and plug-ins (all for a fee), but I use something average called ILDVR.
I have been working with this software for about 10 years, I started on versions 7.xx, and now version 10.xx is popular.
The software is frequently and regularly updated, there is a Russian-language interface.
As expected, the software works has a server and client part.
I will describe only the server room. The client has a simplified interface, but it allows you to remotely access most of the server side settings (except for security settings), as well as a developed part for viewing records (for example, working with information from POS terminals). The client part can also record the received video in automatic mode.
But in order for these cameras to work with this software fully, you need to buy a license for each camera. Without it, the server can only display video, recording will not be conducted.
The cost of a license is commensurate with the costinexpensive chinese ip camera, but even that can be beneficial. By the way, ILDVR cameras can also work with Hikvision software, but also subject to the purchase of a license.
With native cameras, all software works for free, but in Hick I do not like software, and in ILDVR cameras, I have to make such hybrids.
Brief Description of ILDVR Software

All the same, I decided to put out a couple of screenshots, on one the 180 watt top light is on, on the second only IR illumination.

Great picture quality
Great camera software features
Compact size
Strong case, moisture resistance.
Two power options, 12 Volt and PoE.
In addition to the ill-conceived protection of the 12-volt power connector, not detected.
My opinion is an excellent, well-debugged camera with a high-quality image and an affordable price. I installed a lot of them, I did not find any special problems, they work quite reliably.
I was asked several times why why notI’m taking a review of cameras from other manufacturers, I’ll answer here, I haven’t come across cameras that, according to the description, have similar characteristics and capabilities. Maybe I'll take something for review, but 1mp cameras are simply not interesting to me, and 3mp are not so cheap anymore. I have good frames for comparing 1.3mp cameras and 3mp installed in one place (yes, we are already changing 1.3 to 3), but again, for a number of reasons I can’t publish them. :(
I hope that my mini-review was useful, although I admit that it’s not very interesting either.
I could not fit in it all the features, menus, etc., and also did not describe the native software, but if anyone is interested, I will be happy to add all this to the review or in the comments.
Additional materials

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