Super Sonico Summer Santa Ver.

New Year's holidays have passed away, is approachingChristmas, and I decided to write about a figure dressed in a Christmas style. According to Japanese anime fans, a red fur hood and a bikini swimsuit are great for this outfit.
I have been a figure for two years. At the same time, I’ll tell you whether the paint and plastic fade over time and how to remove excess paint stains if the Chinese messed up.

I bought a figurine at the end of 2016 at the end of the coupon fever on Ali.
Then they gave coupons 5/6 and I looked after an inexpensive, but nice looking option. This figure is one of the cheapest options for Super Sonico in particular, and anime girls in general.
At that time, it cost around 11 bucks.

The link to the seller from whom I took was lost, and I do not advise buying from him, so I indicated in the header the first one I got with sales and a low price.
The figurine came to me without a kit box. And it was completely smeared with paint. Another Sonico - an office lady, cheaper, bought at the time with Ali, also arrived with similar defects. This is probably the secret of low prices, they sell illiquid assets. I managed to sue most of the amount spent in that case. And in this no luck. I prepared for the argument, shot photos and videos, but Ali, as luck would have it, blocked access to my account.
I had to think about how to bring the figure to a decent appearance.
Stains of paint and their removal with PVC.

In 2016, he made a couple of photo figures on the background of a “magic” pillowcase.

For two years Supersonico was sitting on my computer column to the left of the monitor. Let's see what happened to her. Photos were taken just yesterday.
Here is the complete set. Body, head, two interchangeable hairstyles, headphone bow, cape-hood, stand.

I don't like the stand. Scary and takes up too much space.

Size 17 by 13.5 cm.

The headphone arc is also dumb. Poorly approaches fastenings on a head and therefore is not used.

In the kit there are two hairstyles - one normal, and the second minimalist, to fit under the hood.

The head is mounted on a very long shaft sticking out of the neck.

We put on the head with a mini hairstyle.

Then we look at the rubber red hood.

We scratch turnips, disconnect the head of the figure andcram into the hood and then attach to the body. By the way, because of the hood, the pins sticking out of the headphones are bent down. I thought that they hung over time, but looked at the photo of 2016 and there too.
Our winter beauty assembly. The height of the figure is about 12 cm.

We remove the stand and consider the figure from all sides.

Let's take a closer look at the face. Super Sonico is a curious character. He works as a photo model, but hesitates of having fun in swimsuits. Therefore, a flush on the cheeks. However, this is the usual coquetry of anime heroines.

The cape is decorated with long black ribbons. I didn’t wipe them off the paint, so they look messy.

Now remove the cape and fasten the hairstyle with long hair.

We consider from all sides.

What big expressive eyes.

To make the bikini Christmas, just hook the bell.

Fingers hanging in a pair of mm. from the surface on which Sonico sits.

The nails on the fingers are painted so-so.

With toes, the situation is a little worse.

The left hand looks good. Molding seams are slightly noticeable.

Here is the headphone with hanging pins))

Once, I read on the website of figures' lovers,that they should be stored in a dry and dark place. So that the plastic does not deteriorate, and the paint does not burn out. This is probably good advice for Japanese figures for $ 100-200, but the Chinese for 10 bucks is useless.
Therefore, she sits under the rays of the bright sun and in my opinion, nothing terrible has happened with plastic and paint over the past two years.
Here is a fresh photo in all its glory.

This concludes my review. I wish you all good luck in the coming New Year. I also wish you a good Christmas.