Floveme Sports Bag for Phone

Good afternoon, dear readers. Today is a review of an inexpensive sport-oriented belt bag for a smartphone.
A large store of accessories for smartphones suggested choosing a thread for review. Covers, coasters and selfie sticks are not interesting to me, but a belt bag may come in handy.
Delivery is trackless but fast.

Colors to choose from: black, blue, blue, red, pink and green.
The subject of the review itself:

The bag itself is measuring 22x10 cm. The frame around the transparent window is reflective. There is a valve to exit the headphones.

The material is rubberized fabric, stretches a little. Almost absorbs water.
The lock with a film for protection against water, the dog is too small.
Capacity is small (how much does a runner need ?!).
In addition to the phone, you can invest:

The fittings look solidly, by the type of this they put on the lower support on tourist backpacks:

The belt stretches. The maximum you can pull on the waist 130 cm, although running with such a waist is probably not a joy. Minimum 70 cm. Adjustment of tension on both sides.
Declared support for 4.7 "smartphones, even a dummy 6G iPhone was probably invested.

But the 5 "ZTE fits very well:

Front transparent film allows you to control your smartphone right in your bag:

Wrong side:

You can see how the fabric shines inside - a waterproof layer.
The phone is inserted into a pocket inside, in which there are a couple of grooves for the headphone cord.
Water resistance test:
I stuff with napkins:

And as it should from all sides into the sink under the shower:

Wet wipes on the back:

The front is mostly dry:

You can conclude from sweat and drizzle the phone will be protected.
On me:
Reflective Frame Reflection:

With active movements, the bag does not move around the belt - the elastic of the belt fixes the bag well.
Pros: Inexpensive, reflective frame, you can run with it.
Cons: Small size. Passes water through the castle.
Thanks for attention! Enjoy the shopping!