Tie Bolo

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I have long wanted to buy myself such an unusual tie under a club jacket, but prices in domestic stores caused a rash.
For sale on Ali, discount coupons have accumulated, and I still decided to order myself such a bauble.
Packed in a regular small bag with a little bubbled (oh, sorry, bubble wrap), it took 2 weeks without any problems (20.11 - 05.12).
I did not photograph the packaging.
Some people don’t like photos on the background of a model rug with half-inch marking, so catch pictures on graph paper.
A paper with a slant under the skin and a bag.

Honestly, I wanted a little another designbut that day the sales did not have them.
Metal looks like some kind of alloy, like castlebut not aluminum or cold iron for sure.
Decoration is an ordinary enamel with a glass-like insert, I hope it does not bother for a long time.

Pretty thick braided lace of leather (like). It smells strongly of skin and some kind of chemistry. Cats sneezed from the smell and flatly refused to be photographed.
(I heard that in Asia, the smell of skin is considered one of the most disgusting. I believe.)

On the back, a powerful clip for adjusting the length of the lace.
On accelerants (or eglets) hard to understand inscription:
"Heafehy True Love"
Not, I understood the last two words ;-), but the first ...
Connoisseurs of the "rank of inglis", respond!
This is instead of seals:

Suitable for all neck sizes (I have 52nd size).
I am aware that this shirt does not fit the tie at all, but until the bolo lace is ventilated, I am not going to wear it with a white shirt.