HTC Desire S is a small and leisurely smartphone.

Walking the net, I repeatedly came acrossThe message is how good the Cyanogen firmware is, but I did not want to experiment with the nexus somehow. Yes, and one of the parents could use a brick update on smart. A search on ebay and Ali gave many options, this one chose rather by price (then it was 51.98, since then it has risen in price) and the ability to install CM12.
So, having received and unpacked the smartphone, I made sure that it is original.
Photo appearance

Housing for used phone in good condition, wellexcept for the HTC nameplate, it does not creak, does not fall apart. Screen without obvious broken pixels, not scratched. I peeled off the muddy film on the screen with which he came and replaced it with the one ordered earlier.
I turned it on, poked the sensor, reset it to the factory settings, went into the bootloader if it exists at all - it is, downloaded the android, tested it - everything was fine.
Connected to Wi-Fi and tried to put an antitude from the market - a bummer, the password does not work. Tolley in the old version is the case, or something else ...
The camera works, I did not see any obvious glitches. Sinezub also works, so then, armed with instructions, I unlocked it completely and flashed TWRP and CM12.
Mdaaaaa, on THIS see the new version of android ... the first start is half an hour, I already thought it was hanging.
Antutu and cyanogen version

After loading it works. Not smartly, but this is a plus and minus, you can’t give it to parents in this form.
I put a SIM card with the Internet, turned on the GPS, put Sports Tracker and went for a drive.
In the four hours that I rode the battery gobbled up 15 percent, in contrast to the nexus, which at the same time managed to gobble up half of the battery.
So as a pisalka tracks when skiing will do.
Calls, on the native firmware, the call passes assupposedly, there is a call delay on the CM, apparently the leisurely processor does not have time to start the dialer and playing the melody on time. However, the conversation itself is without delay.
Unfortunately, I didn’t guess on FM firmware on my native firmware, but it is not on CM.
I also can’t mention the kit:

I didn’t read the instructions, I didn’t take the phone for that
Headphones, similar to the original ones, did not suit them with tests, but they seem to work, the sound seems to be even nothing, only somehow loudly.
In any case, the pill is not for my ears.

I decided to check the wire along with charging, but I didn’t check it, after charging I decided not to risk the computer and the working smart, but you never know ...
In general, I will not hide the 5v 1A charging test under the spoiler:

Can beg a couple of bucks for charging, I have not yet confirmed receipt, especially since the seller has a genuine tag, do you think?
And finally, a gift from the seller (it would be betterNormal charging, IMHO). This is a stand, it is glued with small paws to the back of the smartphone, while large ones can be pressed to the cases or bent to hold the smartphone. Inside the spring gland.
In general, for lovers of old and compact models. As for the sizes, I think that 3.4 inches is the best thing for a woman’s hand, a little more and the phone is already turning into a “shovel” with all the consequences.
@vitaly_ru Here, of course, a little more, but not much, just under the man’s hand
Or for tests - this is one of the options.
You can take my verdict if you know why.
UPD1 But not for parents, too small and slow.
UPD2 Yes, I wrote B / Y above, maybe I didn’t find in which place it was restored, probably the battery, there are no more ideas if only one of 2 was assembled.
PS Or maybe there pour MIUI?
UPD3: Father somehow managed to spoil Nokia 5230, I had to quickly fill in MIUI on Android 4.2, which turned out to be not so slow down and give it away. The most funny, nokia and desire s with miui works visually lonely fast. Father is satisfied, the player’s widget, a flashlight, and it still knows how to call.