HUD display with a hood. Or make yourself a BMW from improvised means. Well, or collective farms - the first and last.

I didn’t plan to write this review, since this was reviewed more than once. But suddenly I realized that no one had used this display with a hood. But these are completely different sensations! )))
A little background, having run into cars of the same Bavarian brand, hellishly got used to the projection of testimony on the windshield. After falling into a charismatic, but completelyFrench Peugeot, ofigel from the absolute unreadability of an extremely beautiful speedometer. Which to everything else and is marked not according to ours - the main division of 80 km \ h is simply not there. Also, the numbers are arranged in a circle. Designers ... * facepalm
In BMW it works like this. By default, speed is displayed, other parameters are added as needed (navigator, active cruise, etc.) In older models, these are just colorful indicators like in the photo, in modern models there is already a full-color color display. He doesn’t show a movie.

Suffering a month ordered a HUD displayplugged into the OBD block. The choice of this particular gadget was due only to the promotional price, it cost me about ~ 1300 rubles. I’ll omit the usual mail retweets, but the package has arrived. The set included a display, a flat cable such as Mini USB noodles - OBDII, instructions and a reflective film on the glass. Everything lay in a very presentable box.
The cable is used for both power and transmission.testimony. By the way, the cable is excellent, fits in the gap between the glass and the panel, it is convenient to stretch. But I immediately warn you, the cable length was not enough for me (obd block in the center, under the radio), so I had to buy an extension cord with a flat plug here.

I just connected it to the OBD block, it worked right out of the box. But then began a tough collective farm to finish this gadget for themselves. So:
1. The display can display a bunch of parameters. But the French have a special version of the software, and it only shows speed and fuel consumption. And since I only needed speed, I had to glue unnecessary segments.
2. it turned out that the display surface is visible from the driver's seat, which is generally not cool. I had to come up with and cut out of hard plastic something like a hood.
3. not only active segments, but also inactive ones are reflected in the glass. Here came the usual tint film.
As a result, I got such horror, in justification I will say that I did everything on my knee in the yard and this is of course a test option. The cottage is over, there is no garage.

The funniest thing is that when Iyet he came up with all this, cut and assembled, accidentally saw a hood on Ali, it was under my HUD! By the way! In the top link, I put the address on the first store I got, where there is such a kit, and here I bought a hood separately. The photo already has a stationary HUD with the original hood, under normal plastic and with hidden wiring.

Complete film is needed in order tothe reflected image did not double reflected from the two surfaces of the triplex. I glued the film on the glass several times while trying on, and eventually ruined it. I ordered a compact replacement here (I only need a speedometer), though sheturned out to be mirrored. It is glued specially so unevenly, it was this position that I was looking for so long, since the glass and the instrument panel have a curved surface. In this position, the reflection of the numbers is perfectly horizontal.

In general, what can I say, even during the day everything is visibleexcellent despite the tint film. Everything fades only in direct sunlight. True, we must understand, this is not exactly the projection to which we are accustomed. That is 93 years old on Corvette, that the BMW projector is located deep in the instrument panel, and projects the image through a lens system as if the numbers were hanging above the road 10..15 meters in front of the car. Look does not even need to refocus. The same display uses the usual direct reflection from the windshield. Eyes still have to refocus. But the numbers are always near the line of sight and are normally perceived by peripheral vision.

The brightness itself changes when you enter the tunnel or at night. On the first frame of the device, in the corner, a light sensor is visible (not a glued sun in the corner).

Normal night illuminated road, such as the Moscow Ring Road.

Completely dark road in the forest. The display does not blind or interfere. The light is still reflected.

The device has a lot of settings, though it's not very convenient to use them. But it is necessary 1 time literally. The instructions translated into Russian can be read from the author of the translation here
While inventing all these blends, he was waiting for an extension cord andetc. several times removed the display from the car. After that, it was simply impossible to force yourself to look at the speedometer. And to see something there ... I really doubted for a long time to leave it in the car or, well, it, as a result I installed it permanently. Actually tracking speed has become much, much, much more convenient.
As a conclusion. I will not recommend this. Well, just because I'm against the collective farm in principle. But the thing is really convenient and if you put convenience at the forefront, then ... in general, see the last photo))