iMan Victor S - light version of the smartphone from the basin

I want to talk about a protected smartphone iMan Victor S, - a simplified version of a smartphone that has already been reviewed on the music; and the experience of switching to it from another platform.
For a long time I avoided switching to android. Not from an apple, not at all ... At first I had symbian, then blackberry, then windows phone ... but it seems like my karma is to kill the platforms that I’m switching to, and as a result, two players have finally formed in the mobile market - even those applications that were ported to winphone, stopped updating. So I had to choose a phone for myselfandroid platform. I hope I won’t ruin the platform
If you have not read reviews on an older model -I recommend, because I will try not to repeat in obviously identical details. Appearance is 1 in 1, so I will not compete in the art of photography from all sides, with the authors of past posts.
PurchaseSeller caught from those strange guys who immediatelyoffer a custom coupon in the store for an amount less than the cost of the goods. Just a dollar - but also savings. Now the link to the product redirects to the older version, so in the header I had to put a link to another store.
The order went exactly two months, almost a record. At first, the Chinese celebrated the New Year. Then the customs kept the device, possibly googling the older model. But here I have it.
Characteristics On many sites, the phone is credited with a fingerprint scanner - from which only a dummy, and wireless charging. But all this cheap model did not get, - on did parsing and showed it clearly.

  • Quad-Core MTK6735 1.3GHz processor
  • Video adapter Mali-T720
  • RAM 2 GB
  • ROM 16 GB + microSD
  • Screen 5 "1280 x 720 pixels (HD), IPS (Sharp), Corning Gorilla Glass 4, 5-touch multi-touch
  • 8 megapixel camera, 2 megapixel front
  • Android 6.0 OS
  • 4500 mAh battery
  • Communications 2 MicroSIM, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, Wi-Fi
  • Features: SOS button, PTT, waterproof housing (IP67)
  • Dimensions: 154.9 x 76.2 x 13.8 mm
  • Weight 232 g, charging with a cable +65 g

There is a smartphone in such a seemingly ordinary box, although decorated with red velvet.

At the same time, it’s not so simple - the lower section of the box is put forward - such a cardboard crypt.

In the “crypt” is a 2-ampere charging, a fairly high-quality cable, not the cheapest headphones, instructions and a screwdriver.

A screwdriver is some kind of hell. I have not seen more uncomfortable yet - it slides off the screws at each revolution. Fortunately, there are only two on the lid.
At the same time, I can say that the screws from the cover are not completely unscrewed, which makes it almost impossible to lose them.
Under the cover are two slots for micro SIM and a separate slot for a memory card, which I have not yet used. They promise support up to 16 GB.
In addition to these two screws on the back of the phone there are four more screws, the same front and three screws on the side faces. A total of 16 screws, which, among other things, give the phone an unusual design.

The first impression when you pick up the phone is heavy. Friends jokingly call a nut cracker =) But such a charge for shock resistance and a capacious battery - there are shovels and heavier ones.
Due to its weight and strict design, the phone evokes the feeling of a serious thing.
However, I can’t say that the phone really stands out from its predecessors (Blackberry Q10, Nokia Lumia 625).

Phone management is carried out throughtouch panel with dim backlight under the screen and five buttons - power, volume, sos and ptt. Phone settings allow you to configure SOS for call / SMS to a predefined contact by clamping. Push-to-talk can be used in the pre-installed Zello. Probably it can be reassigned, but I have not yet been able to find no risky ways to make root.
The charging connector is lengthened and even pushing hardnormal microusb is not detected. Which of course complicates the use of the otg-function of the phone, and charging at a party is already becoming a non-trivial task.

A phone came with firmware from December 26, 2016, there are no new updates yet. Judging by the frequency of updates for the older version - they will probably be.
The phone is preloaded Launcher3 (left),which I somehow didn’t like right away, and the next day I installed a replacement for it from Microsoft - the Arrow launcher. Guys claim increased convenience and battery saving. I can’t say for the second one for sure, but it’s difficult to disagree on the first point. A keyboard from windows phone was also delivered and all SMS messages were copied through backup & restore. We can say that the move to the new platform went smoothly.
I launched the benchmarks, if they tell anyone what the numbers are ... you can take a look. Antutu and GeekBench.

It feels smooth to my senses. After 512 MB of RAM on Lumia, even with the voracity of the android, everything works significantly faster.
Wifi network 5G phone saw, but could not connect to it = (
Despite the fact that almost all devices in the house are connected to it, the problem is clearly in the phone. With 2.4G it works without problems.
Speed ​​at the level of network capabilities.
The mode of screen translation to the Sony TV also did not work - the TV is visible, but it is not possible to connect to it.
GPS in the room works worse than minepast phones, the street is pretty smooth. The compass can sink. The barometer shows some values ​​that cannot be validated, and I don’t even know why I need it - but what it is and it works nicely. I think this feeling is familiar to all visitors to this site =)

In settings, the phone in addition to the standard offers

  • gloved mode, which in my opinion does not affect anything, the sensitivity of the display does not change;
  • call settings for the SOS button, in which engineers were too lazy to add a search for contacts, in the end you need to scroll through the thousandth lists until you find the desired contact;
  • gesture settings for a sleeping phone, which significantly increase battery consumption;
  • gestures for a nonsleeping phone - a three-screen screenshot of the screen and calling up the list of applications;
  • and a killer of background tasks, for which you can set a list of exceptions

Unfortunately, there is no super-energy saving mode, as on Samsung - the phone is positioned as a camp phone, and the ability to turn into a dialer with a b / w screen would be useful.
The quality of the photos, compared to my budget lumia, hasn’t changed for me in any way. Cameras are suitable only for photographs of documents / signs / counters but certainly not for photographs.

Disadvantages Well, and finally, two main disadvantages.
The first is, oddly enough, the battery.
In a review of senior Victor @ZNA writes -
decent result, although I think with an HD screenwould be even better Figures. The result with an hd screen is not impressive. The phone hardly lasts for a day, even after the wake gestures were turned off and the brightness was reduced, and the GPS was switched to battery-saving mode and only one SIM card was left. At the same time, a lot of charge leaks when the phone is not in use. I don’t know, maybe these are the features of the android ... but judging by what I liked, a phone with a 1000 mA less battery is able to last a week. I hope that autonomy will swing over time, even with every charge, faith in it is less and less.
At the same time, according to benchmark tests, the results are quite good.

The second, even more critical - the phone is stupid on network shifts.
Those. when working in a 3g network, the phone may not respond to a request from the tower for an incoming call, it will switch to 2g mode, and as a result, they simply cannot reach you.
Switching to 2g by hands solves the problem, and it works, but at the same time, you understand, the speed of the Internet is dull and sad.
Of course, there is hope for a software fix in future firmware, but in fact you understand that so far the phone has turned out to be more desktop than mobile.
Thanks for your attention. Write, if you have questions - I will answer.