Jeep rubric

I read a review yesterday on the men's down jacket and decidedwrite a review, can someone come in handy. Moreover, there are not many reviews of men's down jackets, but I have never seen this model anywhere. So. The jacket was bought a year ago, so there will be no screenshots of the tracker, sorry. So the link from the review is purely for information. On Tao and now there are a lot of these jackets, prices from three hundred to five hundred yuan, I do not know what is connected with. Model Jeep Rubric. There are different models on Tao, but already on the first page of the search for a model there are 6 pieces of offers of this particular model. for example
The criteria for choosing a jacket were: hood (I do not like to carry hats); long, so that the back closes, the material is not shiny oilcloth, cellophane, pu-leather etts, but something normal that would carry in different conditions; that there would be no fur on the hood, in general no, I do not like. Given that there were no reviews of this model at all, in fact - I ordered at random. And was pleased. Great winter jacket for our latitudes. To -10 walks calmly in one shirt, to -20 it is normal with a sweater. Below, I don’t know, since there were no such frosts last winter, but I think that it will not be very comfortable anymore.
The jacket itself is sewn perfectly, high-quality locks,high-quality buttons, nothing climbs anywhere, no thread, no fluff. All last year’s fashion attributes are also in stock - two zippers are not spared for beauty, the ends of the collar are hidden in special minks :), the stripes are different, the ties at the bottom of the jacket, the ties of the hood, extra cuffs, or as it is called, so that the wind or snow does not fall through the sleeves .
Pockets With pockets not a lot. External - two, for the hands. Alas, vertical, not very familiar, usually pockets have a horizontal "entrance". But for a couple of times you get used to it and normal. There are no more pockets outside, where zippers are sewn up - this is for beauty, zippers work, but under them nothing. Inside the pockets, too, not a lot. On the left - one full pocket, with a zipper, a normal pocket, not in one layer of matter, with a zipper, everything that usually fits in a pocket fits. More, one might say, no pockets. For there are two more inside below, but there is no any utility from them. Well, in the right one can still put something like a phone or a player, for a pocket knitted, thick, with a thick rubberized top - it’s just like nothing will fall out. And in the lower left - well, I don’t know, it’s thin - from one layer of matter, and even with Velcro, but there was no desire to put something there.
Jacket material. Inside the lining as a lining, I can’t say anything. External - high-quality material, does not shine, fluff does not climb, repels water. Water really rolls into droplets, looks very cool. You can shake
What's inside.Inside that, I don’t know yet
Hood. The hood is interesting. Either my head is small, or I don’t know, but it is really more than necessary. Because of this, from its own weight, the hood does not take the form of a vertically oblong, as usual, but horizontally oblong, such as a flattened hole for the head. It can crawl almost over my eyes. Well, without a hat, he is definitely more than necessary. I solved this issue with a cap. The hood rests on the visor of the cap, and then everything is OK.
Dimensions. Dimensions generally correspond to the declared. Size - L. In the pictures you can see the sizes, the appearance on me (my height is 173 cm). Even the sleeves are not short, which they always love to sin in under heaven. On my own, I feel great, because I don’t have Chinese clothes on me all my life: if my size, then the sleeves are short, if the sleeves are normal, then everything else is two to one size larger.
Weight. Net weight - 1613 grams.
Price. The price was consciously taken from the middle category for Chinese down jackets, so as not to be the most complete guano, and not to overpay for the fake of some Canadian goose.
That’s basically it. I really like the down jacket. So, to name at least one real minus is not even there. Only the little things like that, they say, and pockets could have been more, but that’s nonsense, kmk.
P.S. The review is not advertising, if anyone wants to buy one, then who and where is your business, I can’t advise anything, I won’t even advise the intermediary, because the one through which I took it is no longer working.
Photos are not a fountain, and the lighting is not buzzing, and from the phone, so everything under the cut
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