Led T-shirt - a joy for children

I have long been interested in led t-shirts and the principletheir work and with entry into shopping on aliexpress, attended to their search. Having found a suitable option, one of the cheapest, I decided to order 2 pieces. Both t-shirts were supposed to go for gifts to two nephews.
I was interested in the process of changing prices on request and I asked the Chinese woman to throw off the dollar. She agreed, changed the price and I paiddesired. Thus, 2 T-shirts cost me $ 19.20. So that the T-shirts arrived in time for my departure, I asked the saleswoman to send them as soon as possible. She promised to do it the next day, but took them to the post office only on the 9th. They came to me in 2 weeks or 23 days from the moment of payment of the order.
According to the seller, 100% cotton. To the touch too. No opening odor was detected.
I was afraid that the t-shirts would turn out to be small in size and chose the size L, but the sizes are 100% as stated.
The sewing quality is good, nothing sticks out anywhere, the lines are even.
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T-shirts are powered by two AAA batteries,which are inserted into the plastic slot. A slot located on the inside of the T-shirt is provided for the battery slot. The cable loop is hidden in the fabric and stretches from the slot to the print. The print is fastened with Velcro and is removed during washing.
The sensitivity of the sound sensor is adjusted using the wheel.
Additional Information

Conclusion: a great T-shirt for children, good price, good quality. It’s a bit uncomfortable to wear due to wires and a slot, but this is the last thing that excites children)

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