LIECTROUX K6L - who will love the budget mini robot vacuum cleaner

Budget mini robot vacuum cleaner, without a base, virtual walls, and more.
What is it like?
The robot itself is small, its diameter is 28 cmand a height of 7.5 cm. In comparison with the usual familiar robot (for example, B2005), it seems quite small against its background. It has two side brushes, and something like a cleaning cloth.
The vacuum cleaner is designed primarily for cleaning one small room, i.e. picked up, brought to the right room, closed, he cleans it. He has a small weight, about 1.5 kg.
Battery: NI-MH, 800MAH
Charger: 16V, 600MA
Nominal voltage: 14.4 V, 800 MAH
Charging time: 4 hours
Rated power: 20W
Dust box capacity: 0.2l
3 cleaning modes: automatic, spot and cleaning along the walls;
Size: Diameter: 28cm, Height: 7.5cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Well, let's start in order.
A box with printing, with a convenient carrying handle. Specified Robot Model - K6L

The vacuum cleaner is firmly fixed in the box with polystyrene foam.

The package includes: 2 spare brushes (2 already installed), 3 wipes (similar to microfiber), plastic fasteners for them, a spare filter for fine cleaning the container, battery, power supply, and instructions.

The battery consists of 12 AA batteries. fourteen.4V 650mAh. With it, the vacuum cleaner is able to work for about 50 minutes on a flat surface like parquet, laminate, linoleum. It works less on the carpet, about 35-40 minutes.

Instructions in English

Power supply for 19V 600mA.

Below there are holes for mountinga plastic holder with microfiber, everything else is standard: a central swivel wheel and two large wheels on the sides. There are sensors that prevent falls from the stairs, for example.

We fasten the brushes, fasten the cloth.

Vacuum cleaner on top. A plastic bumper, in the center of which a rubber protrusion with a strip along the entire length, softens the blows. The only big on / off button you can't miss. The container compartment is opened by pressing. Connector for power supply.

Plastic container, capacity about 200 ml, with a thin strainer.

Container minor refinement

LEDs are also arranged in a circle abovered and blue colors. Which performs the role of both decorative and functional. When charging, it blinks in blue. When charged - red. At work, both red and blue. In case of an error (getting stuck, when picked up during work, etc.) - it lights up constantly in red, and blue LEDs slightly blink often. Looks like a flying saucer)

Well, finally at work.
As I said at the beginning, it is meantfor small areas. Charge it yourself, take it to the desired room / room, turn it on, and close it there. Gathers garbage quite no worse than their older counterparts.
For the test, sent him under the bed. I think many do not clean there every day, rather on the day of general cleaning. Debris and dust accumulate there quickly, especially under the carpet. An ordinary robot vacuum cleaner is too big and a bit thick, even with an ordinary traditional vacuum cleaner it’s not very climb there, laziness asks you to wait until the weekend / spring cleaning, because I don’t really want to climb and bother about it now ... And the raging cat tries to run there and smash it all .
It’s not very visible in the light, so again a flashlight comes to the rescue:

We take our device, put it there, turn it on. Rides, cleans, and we go about our business. In literally 7-10 minutes we drop in: the difference is obvious. Clean, all the garbage collected. And despite this, I ask you to pay attention that I did not cling to the plastic holder with a rag to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.
Because I just simply forgot.

Here is the garbage collected in the container. In general, the device itself is mainly positioned precisely for such tasks in the main. It is small, low, more room for maneuver, so to speak.

It works about 45 minutes, for a roomenough. On the carpet, it works at increased power, and accordingly spends more energy, which affects the working time - about 30 minutes on the carpet. Works quieter compared to older models. Operating mode 3. Rides in a spiral, along an obstacle, and just randomly.

Compared to sizes with B2005

The size of the wheels can be seen more clearly

More photo parsing

Such is a small robot vacuum cleaner. No extra lotions, just two brushes and a rag. Of course, it is intended more for even floors, such as parquet, laminate, linoleum, and not carpets. On which, firstly, it works less, and secondly, there is no central brush. Although I must say on the carpet with not a long pile it rides quite confidently.
Purpose - for example, put in the kitchen,bedroom, and leave to work. I liked to use it in the bedroom and periodically run it under the bed. Even in the hallway, which is quite large in area.
When stuck, for example, jammed wires orwhat an insurmountable obstacle he met - just turns off and lights up in red. In general, the LED signals are absolutely logical and understandable even without reading the instructions. If the price tag seems large to anyone, I ask you to take into account that the shipment takes place from the Russian Federation, and the parcel is delivered to your home by courier, which amounts to a considerable amount of the goods.
All of the above in video format:
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