Maleroads MLS2194 - the optimal belt bag for all occasions, 5 in 1.

The "victims" of the Internet web, I welcome you, for the third time!
Summer is approaching and from the upcoming carrying of all kinds of little things, the shorts in the closet are crying with crocodile tears.
I dreamed about a compact bag in the last 7 years, when the keys to the garage were the size of a flashlight. I also like to drop by a stadium and drive a bike, so extra items in my pockets are inappropriate.
Flour of choice. First, crush on this - waist packs.

The inscription shengxilu in paint and other small details were repelled by its plebeian origin. I had to rape the search for the express further.
Then for some reason I added this to my wish list messenger bag

But this is already some kind of small bug. By sight, I could have contained a phone, keys, a wallet and a flashlight, which is not enough for the kind of money that they want for it.
Although if you think about it, wearing a phone on a stadion is just right, but the bag is expensive. For $ 3-5 it would be perfect. If anyone knows where a similar one can take up to $ 5, throw a link in the comments.
Let's move on.
The next one came up with such a plan. But this is a monster.

Then such a plan. Not that.

... And then one fine day came across the company Maleroads. Her waist bags.
The Banana immediately fell away due to not universality.
- Ears do not hide.
- There is no handle.
- There is no harness.
- A little junk intermeddle.
Everything, the choice is obvious Bumbag Maleroads MLS2194

5 color options.

So what we see on the renderings.

No comments.

One feels the thing was not done in the basement. What the seller decided to confirm with a photograph of the office and warehouse.
The choice fell on the blue. It reached Belarus in 1.5 months.
The bag has 3 compartments with locks and 2 mesh pockets on the sides. In the main compartment mesh for small things.
The logo is embroidered neatly, on the dogs there are branded pendants, 2 labels, one inside, the second outside. Hieroglyphics on the inside of the fabric are visible only in the light at a certain angle.

In a filled state.

- JiaYu G4
- JiaYu F1
- Samsung B5722 DuoS
- Lighter
- razor
- Video camera
- 5 Mini DV video cassettes
- Base for video camera
- Power Supply
- Remote control
- Torch
- 3 diffusers for flashlight
- Two hours of such a plan.
- Rubik's cube of such a plan.
- 7 AA batteries
- 4 AAA batteries
+ And you could cram a bunch of keys and a ballpoint pen.
If measured in food, then: - 2 bottles of kefir (850ml + 500ml) in the main compartment, +2 hot dog in the middle. + Flashlight in the third compartment, the phone and a bunch of keys in the side mesh.

From clothes: - A trowel from a tracksuit, size XXL (dense with lining) + phone, flashlight. And 2 pockets on the sides are free.
- Bologna windbreaker, 2 hot dogs, phone, keys to the main compartments, + 2 500 ml kefir bottles between side harnesses (do not climb into pockets).

Only for this option, you need to poke something so that they do not fail.
Photo on a man.

Bonus: Too lazy to go down to the basement for straps from sandals, screwed a wire for a photo session. If desired, you can attach to human beings.

To summarize. Pros:
+ Brand
+ Quality
+ Medium size
+ Functional 5 in 1 (belt, shoulder, arm, back, velo glove compartment).
I didn’t notice.
The product was bought for its own money.
P.S. ADDED! 04/20/20115 at 20:25
One of the destinations of the bag was planned to wearit has a phone on the stadium and a bluetooth headphone. So that at the “exit of power” the bag can be wrapped back or hung on horizontal bars (in the pockets of trousers or jackets the phone can be crushed on the crossbar). Looking from the side, the bag seemed bulky for one phone. But the solution is found.
If you pull on the straps, it shrinks to 5 cm and, in principle, can be worn under a jacket or T-shirt. The ends of the straps successfully hide in the side mesh.

A headset of such a plan fits into the middle pocket. What is more convenient than putting it in the main one, since the main pocket has a visor that always strives to bite the castle.