Maleroads MLS2397 - 100% MEGA HIT! Belt bag, which many so lack.

Hello everyone! We conclude our review of waist bags by Maleroads, the coolest model.
In past reviews, we familiarized ourselves with the models:
- Maleroads MLS2194
- Maleroads MLS2194
- Maleroads MLS2194
Background in previous reviews.
Maleroads MLS2397 Traditionally, let's start with Chinese Photoshop.

Renders tell us about: headphone output, high-quality SBS zippers, durable fastener (which can withstand -50 ° C), spongy breathable mesh cells, reflectors, water-repellent material, high-density woven belt and logo.

9 color options.

Let's see what it is in reality. The parcel arrived in Belarus in 1 month.
Gray shipping bag without "bumps", inside three bags with bags.
Since everything with a yellow belt, I took a more practical in my opinion with red. All the more well suited to the color of the bike.

On the back side.

On the front side there is a logo, two "reflectors" ...

... and headphone jack.


Inside are two compartments.

The outer wall of the main compartment is unlined, the second compartment is equipped with a zipper and has a lining on all sides, on which logos appear at a certain angle and light.

On fastex (latch) the company logo is poured.

And here is the highlight that I spoke about in the first review.
Thanks to this convenient solution, the bag on the belt is not felt.

In a filled state.

What posted:
- Phone JiaYu G4 (screen 4.7 ").
- A purse with documents (rights, certificates, passport, credit cards, etc.)
- Headphones.
- Points.
- A bunch of keys.
- Napkins.
On a person (Height 182, weight 81)

Pay attention to the "reflectors".

The maximum belt length is 110 cm + 10 cm under the elastic.
To summarize. Not big, not small, just right, SUPER BAG for summer and sports. This is confirmed by the number of orders (325 against 36.21, 22 of previous models).
Of all four bags, I liked this one and the Maleroads MLS2194 the most. I carry the first burden to the stadium (it is convenient to practice music), the second I take on long bike trails and sorties to neighboring cities.
Nothing to think, be sure to take!
I recommend the seller
+ Brand.
+ Quality.
+ Price.
+ Cushioning elastic band, thanks to which the bag is not felt on the belt.
+ Flickers.
+ Headphone output.
+ Optimum volume for playing sports and placing the necessary trifles in everyday trips outside the home.
I hope this information will be useful to someone.
Thank you for your attention, see you soon.
Instead of a cat.