Non-original battery for the Ryobi 18V 2.5Ah tool model P103

Started to grow around 18V with a Ryobi One + cordless tool. It took a second battery.
The original Ryobi RB18L25 18V 2.5Ah battery costs about 3,800 rubles (~ $ 56) in the Russian Federation.
I bought a non-original lithium battery for the Ryobi One + 18V tool.
Based on the results of a short operation, I conclude for myself - the battery can be taken.

ps. Purchased for their own. Photos taken on the phone.
I decided to look for what options there are purchases on ebay.
Unoriginal batteries with sellers in the US were discovered on ebay. Plus delivery to the Russian Federation, the price was how to buy the original battery here.
He looked at AliExpress, where he found the same type of battery with delivery from the Russian Federation (!) IML service for 5-10 days.
I ordered the battery on August 31, on September 6 the courier rang and on that day the battery was delivered.

In appearance and form, the battery is similar to the Ryobi battery, only there is no soft rubber on the bottom. Not critical.
The indicator roughly shows the remaining capacity.

Photo of two batteries:

To test the battery capacity, I decided to apply the electronic load HD35.
Charged both batteries to full capacity. The charger is RC18120.

Assembled the stand, connected the load to the battery. Set the current 1A. The battery voltage is 20.9V.
For more than 10 minutes he could not bear the noise of the electronic load fan and decided to abandon this method of measurement.
Then I decided to discharge with the help of a searchlight-lamp Ryobi R18ALH.

This flashlight has one single power button without the ability to adjust brightness.
The current consumption of the flashlight is 940mA from the battery. With an estimated battery capacity of 2.5Ah, the on-time should be about 2-2.5h.
First, I put the original Ryobi RB18L25 battery to discharge.
The lamp is turned on for 2 hours 10 minutes.
Non-original battery - 2h 3 minutes.
I think not a bad result.
It is noticed that the original battery charges quickly (1-1.5 hours) and the charger immediately turns off charging.
A non-original battery is also rapidly gaining capacity, but the completion of the last percent is much longer. I think this is not critical.
I did not measure the exact charging time, perhaps I will conduct such an experiment.
I discharged the battery several times, charged it, used it with a screwdriver and an impact driver (Ryobi R18ID3). Mostly drilling brick walls, tightening screws.
There were no visible problems (loss of power, care in defense, etc.).
But in some reviews I read that there may be problems with high-current equipment, for example, with circulars.
4 screws are unscrewed from above.
Inside 5 lithium 18650 batteries connected in series.
Marking the INR18650P without any further capacity digits. The estimated capacity of each can is 2-2.5Ah.

I also ordered a non-original 4Ah battery, somewhere in a month should come. I will test the capacity in the same way.
The case is collapsible - you can replace the batteries with others, if necessary
Perhaps the "Chinese" not high-current batteries
Long battery finish at the end of charging
Is it worth saving, decide for yourself. The review is written to exchange experiences - are there any problems with non-original batteries for Ryobi and whether it is worth taking them.
UPDATE1: now in All-Tools special offer - you can take the original 2.5Ah battery for 3110 rubles. Very good price.