Overview / comparison of the aluminum handle FX9501 for soldering stations on the STM32 and a little about the tips for them.

Aluminum pen FX9501-comparison with a plastic pen. Purchased for their own. For those who have not bought, but are going to. You can take the spent.
Having on hand a set of soldering station withI didn’t plan to change anything with a plastic handle, until a kind person wanted to buy it from me. Expensive, and very expensive! The sound from the slot machines sounded in my head, and the amphibian said to sell, then you will order another condition. I don’t know what made the person take it in a hurry, this is his choice.

Almost the same soldering station version HW 2.0 software 2.09 was ordered to be replaced. only in the metal case, instead of the standard plastic handle, the observed handle and the bcm2 tip instead of the tip: K
The soldering station was viewed far and wide, and there were few reviews on the handle.
The handle has a small stick out, which is very nicefelt during soldering, you can compare how you hold a regular pen for writing, the distance from the point of capture to the tip of the tip is only 5 cm. versus 9.5 cm of a plastic pen. In the photo, the handles are laid so that the gripping points themselves coincide, and it was clear how different the sting departure is.

The gripping point of the handle is made of pleasant silicone, it holds comfortably, without the slightest hint of slipping. The rest of the handle is pleasant to the touch aluminum. Photos in comparison.

The wire itself going from the handle to the soldering station is very soft, compared to the wire of the plastic handle it is softer, the wire of the plastic handle is also soft, but not so much.
The diameter of the aluminum handle at the place of capture is 14 mm versus 18 mm plastic, and it seems like the difference is not big, and the perception is strongly felt in favor of aluminum.

The sensor inside is applied ball. Photos of the inside

Fully disassembled view:

Regarding the holder-stand on the desktop for myself, I decided the question like this (the radius of the plastic fasteners is 14 mm, the heating is bent vertically with a blow dryer):

Summing up about the aluminum handle it is noticeablywins in convenience compared to plastic, it is everyone’s business to spend money or not, given that this is a one-time purchase for a long time, it makes sense to spend money for convenience.

Pros: Small reach of the tip, diameter of the handle, pleasant tactile sensation from the tool.
Cons: for me, the price.
It was fortunate that the soldering station and the separately ordered tip from the QUICK store ended up at my post office one day.
Opening the box with the soldering station, I realized thatI have almost 2 identical stings, the only difference is that bcm2 has a hole on the bevel, popularly called "Minivolna" and it is more pleasant to solder it. The disappointment from almost two identical stings lasted until the first inclusion. The tip from the QUICK store had a short circuit to the case, the soldering station went into reboot.
Speaking about the quality of the sting, I saw a mention a couple of timesthat the sting from Ksger is worse, and QUICK is better. My opinion is that both stings have the same packaging, the same markings on the sting differ only in the sticker on top of the package, and most likely the sting made the same basement.

In my case, the sting from Ksger worked right after warming up, but QUICK did not want to.
This sting had to be closed on the UPS battery. He closed between the case and the positive contact, and separately with the case and the negative contact, after which the sting worked, as it should.
Who requested a bcm2 sting photo (link to the store where I bought it): The station itself.
Cheaper set

That's all, I hope someone helped with the choice of a pen for a soldering iron. All the success in your creations!