MP3 player 8GB 1.8 screen, removable battery, built-in speaker and memory card slot

Got this remarkable player for $ 14including Singapore postal delivery! I personally agreed with the seller. Which by the way, disappeared - closing its trade on Ali. Apparently scared of my debate about the dead headphones and the lack of order:
- Gift Black Bag
For this I will give a few links to this player in other stores
All are two-gigabyte, but microSD is now worth a penny, and I would not pay attention to the amount of internal memory with a microSD slot.
The purchase was prompted by a review that was already here, but I want to supplement it - since I have my own special opinion and comments. And also a lot of live photos and a video review with the shown work of an intricate menu.

Sound quality: better players for 4-12 bucks (Headphones Koss Porta Pro and others) that I bought earlier. There is bass (although not as deep as in solid brands), high and medium had to be selected with an equalizer.
Management is not very convenient (confusing), but figured out without instructions in a couple of minutes.
The screen resembled that of the first phone with a color screen, about 2002 - 160 * 128 pixels. The horizontal viewing angles are excellent, vertically - the contrast and color inversion disappear.
Instructions: no ... no.
Games built-in pieces 13 - the child will be happy!
Box man
Voracity snake
Russia Block (tetris)
Moving puzzle
Railway maven
Fruit PuzzleSkipping Stones
Panda mike
Matrix Jewel
they are all quite playable.
Memory: The onboard 7.79 Gb featured by Windows - surprised. Filled them already - all honestly - did not lie with the amount of memory.

Headphones arrived dead, and it’s not a pity))) still ordinary rubbish.
The built-in speaker yells not bad, at the level of modern phones, only without a hint of bass.
Build quality at 4. There are no large gaps between the parts, the lid covering the battery compartment closes tightly and does not play, but it is not perfectly fitted.
Radio: without interference it catches only one station out of 15 (for some reason, the LIGHTHOUSE). And only with headphones and only in them - the sound of the radio does not output to the external speaker. (Other portable devices here catch 5-7 without interference easily)

the fake for Nokia is mediocre (even with the PCT mark on printing!), but it has been playing on it for a very long time ... It’s been singing through the speaker for six hours now - it’s been discharged by a third (volume max).
It plays in folders - not intuitively - to see the menu: “local folders” - “memory card” - you need to press PAUSE during playback and press “MENU”
Rewinds one track back and forth.
Fast forward inside track y is performed by holding the forward / back button for a long time
Memorizes the stopping place.
Russian file / folder names supported. tags in cyrillic too!
+ replaceable and very capacious battery for $ 4-7 on Ebay
+ normal sound in headphones
+ very long playback time on a single battery charge
+ price
+ folder playback
+ support for Russian file names and tags in Cyrillic
+ many built-in games
- weak radio reception
- management is not intuitive
- no instructions
. Built-in speaker already met abruptly.
.screen 2-2.4 would be more appropriate here
There is no promised cover and the headphones are not working.

A photo:

more pictures

* Found (far from immediately) how to play music in folders. Now I safely recommend everyone to buy!
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