MP3 player, without internal memory, but with a 1.8 ”screen (OEM)

"Everything that has a beginning, has an end, Neo"
At its old and morally obsoletethe battery died on the mp3 player and I had to look for a replacement — of course a new player! .. Caution, there are a lot of photos under cat, although the review was not bought and everything was paid for by the author
Searches offline, did not bring the expected results, and I began to select a player on the Internet.

The wife was exposed to three conditions:
1) The player must play high-quality music and be able to catch FM-radio.
2) See the file structure of the flash drive, so as not to iterate through the songs one by one.
3) Remember the last song.
And of course, have the right color and design.

My choice fell OEM goods unknown to mea supplier who has not forgotten to indicate that the player has excellent sound and can navigate folders. After clarifying with the seller the availability of a player of the desired color, the product was purchased and soon arrived at the post office.
In addition to the button joystick on the front panel, the player has an on-off lever.
At the bottom there is a connector for charging and data exchange (comes with a cable - USB-miniUSB) and a headphone jack.
The thickness of the player can not but rejoice.
The sound of the player is clear and distinct, there are equalizer settings. The sound of the radio, although stereo, but plays worse, I think that the frequency range is narrower compared to mp3.
Native headphones were immediately replaced with headphones of a suitable color.
Pink headphones were bought on BuyInCoins.
Despite the fact that they were bought elsewhere, they complemented the player perfectly in color and sound pretty good.
Since the player does not have its own memory, at first I played with the card for a couple of gigs, but it was already upgraded to four :)

The memory card was taken ibidwhere are the headphones.
As for the folder selection mode, the seller did not deceive, in order to go to it, you need to press the center button on the joystick, then the "menu".
My son also liked the player, ordered a second one - of a different color.
Of the minuses, the buttons are not very confidently pressed.
Of the additional advantages, it plays for a long time on the battery, until it was able to discharge to the end
After a couple of days of active use, the color of the battery indicator changed to yellow. But usually once a week I lightly recharge from the computer.
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