IPod style player NANO 6g

More recently, I learned about GAGA stocks in Ali.
I decided to try it. The look fell on this baby, because I have long wanted to feel this copy, but because I just wanted to feel it - I didn’t take it.
Having read some comments, I realized thatsimilar goods are torn off with wires in their hands. Well, I set the alarm for a couple of minutes (to insure) and calmly waited for his signal. Lot scattered in just a minute, and there were about 60 of them, I still had a problem with captcha, but still managed.

Player itself:
Order and Delivery:
Ordered gray, gray and sent (thought that there would be no gray and send pink ... But no, there were

Complete set:
Came in a minimalistic box made of transparent plastic (there is a small crack on the box). Parts of the box cannot hold onto each other, the almighty adhesive tape does this
Included is a universal instruction for all occasions players of this type. But there is very little that is said, only about connecting to a PC. And navigation does not fit this player.
USB cable. Slightly thicker than the original, well, plastic is naturally worse.
Flimsy headphones, poor quality.
With standard 3.5 plug
That's all, all the accessories were tea bags.
The case is made of metal, inside a plastic frame. It is disassembled from the body.
Characteristics from the seller:
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
is_customized: Yes
Screen: Yes
Brand Name: oem
Function: Voice Recorder, E-Book Reading, FM Radio, Games
Memory Size: 8GB
Battery Life: <10 hours
Model Number: 1.5 mp4
color: Silver, Blue, Pink, Black, Green, Yellow
1) 1.5 "TFT 262K color screen display
2) Support multi-lanuages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, ect 16 lanuages.
3) Play MP3: MP3, WMV format
4) Play movies: AMV
5) ID3 Lyrics display
6) Game function.
7) Record function: Built-in microphone recording
8) Electronic album-JPEG, Photo browsing function
9) E-book
10) Lithium rechargeable battery

Characteristics in practice:
Battery capacity.
In full volume mode, with normal plugs,the player worked for 2 hours and 40 minutes. This is against the 10 hours stated by the seller. It’s not a frail difference) But I think that at an average volume it will live 2 hours more. There is no capacity on the battery.
Photo gut apparatus.

Naturally, this place came under suspicion, andit was necessary to check compliance. The fears were confirmed, the real memory is 4GB. Fake deleted (thanks v-b, for its REVIEW, with a description of the procedure). Screen "BEFORE" and "AFTER"
The rest seems to be consistent with the declared.
I was not particularly interested in this topic. CPU AK2117. Surely you can flash it, but I did not have a special need for this. Default firmware version:
Sound This topic is "not raised" for me, because the bear stepped on the ear. In general, clip + sounds worse than sansa, but a hefty ide! I didn’t notice the difference. Quite a normal sound, enough volume.
Navigation and interface:
Now let's touch navigation, and this is the same for meinteresting in this player :). When I ordered, I did not pay attention that he did not have a touch screen, like the original, but an ordinary one. At the first "feeling" - it surprised me a little, and I could not imagine how you can control it with just 3 buttons. But he seemed to manage, and got comfortable. I had to study by “poke method”, because missing instructions.

I will describe the action of the buttons so that people do not suffer later:
Additional Information

At first it seemed that it was inconvenient, but then it turned out to be even more convenient than touch input.
Here are some pictures of various windows:
While charging
Photos using clips:
Very light, 22.5g, which is 1.5g less than sansa clip +

Other thoughts:
* It is written that there are games. But no matter how hard I looked for them there, they are absent.
* Video, and books I did not test. It makes no sense, but I’ll say about the video that it works (I watched the default video).
* Sound recording works, FM does too, but it doesn't catch much.
* And also, I almost forgot! It has a gyroscope! And it works! But bad ... I immediately turned it off in the settings.
small size comparison with sansa clip +

To summarize.
+ Strong case
+ Light weight \ small dimensions
+ Navigation (I will attribute it to the pluses nevertheless)
+ Stylish look
- Inconsistency with declared specifications
- Incomprehensible instruction
- Working hours
- 4 GB of memory (this size is quite enough for me, but since they promised 8, this item goes to minus)
This is the purchase. Naturally, on GAGA promotions, it is not in vain that they display goods at a huge discount.
I won’t write recommendations - decide for yourself
P / s: do not forget to vote for the review.
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