Tronsmart Element Blaze Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I bring to your attention another review of the Bluetooth speakers from the Tronsmart brand. This time, Element Blaze.
This is my second portable speaker. Unfortunately, the bear that stepped on my ear in childhood did not disappear, and I don’t hear the big difference between the silver-plated gold wires of oxygen-free copper and ordinary ones. However, I will try to review the remaining consumer properties in full.

Thanks to all the beloved p.18 my assessment of this device is likely to be somewhat subjective, because I got it for free. And for free, as they say, and vinegar is sweet. However, I will try not to be biased.
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The column is delivered by FSUE Russian Post and delivered in a small cardboard box, on the front side of which there is an image of the column itself and a certain Luis Suarez. I don’t know who he is and what he has to do with music, but he reminds me of a neighbor from the third entrance, which is already good:With a flick of the wrist, the box slides open, and the speaker itself, AUX and Micro-USB cables appear in English and an empty warranty card, nothing special:Of the characteristics, the following is stated:
● Maximum power: 10 W (2x5W);
● AUX, Bluetooth (4.2);
● Degree of protection ip54
● True Wireless Stereo
● Playback time: 10-12 hours, battery 3.7 V / 1800 mAh;
● And a flashlight. Cool!
to contentКомментари to commentsExternally, the column is blackbar, comparable in size to Tronsmart Mega. The column case is made of black soft-touch plastic, there are rubber inserts. The speakers are covered with a metal grill:On the front face is a pair of speakers:On the top - controls:On the back there are 3.5mm elephants and Micro-USB covered with a rubber stopper:On the bottom there is a thread for mounting on a tripod:The lateral faces are octagonal in shape, due to which the column stably stands in various positions:Also on the side faces are diffusers,which should improve the sound. The frame around one of them is equipped with a cutout on which you can fix the lace (the lace was not put in the kit, although it could):The weight of a fully discharged column is 424 grams:
to contentКомментари to commentsNow let's try to make out all this pleasure:We peel off the two rubber plugs from the rear and turn out 6 Torx screws:We peel off one more cap from the upper and lower faces and unscrew the Philips screws:We open the case into two parts:As you can see, the whole perimeter of the drop-down part is equipped with a white gasket, which theoretically should prevent moisture from entering:Printed circuit board:Speakers:Throughout the entire disassembly process, the column exuded a characteristic smell of the Chinese column industry, although there was almost no smell in the assembled state.
to contentКомментари to commentsTo turn on the column, holdpressed power button. The speaker emits an invitation cue, and the blue backlight of the speakers lights up, this is the so-called “flashlight”. Switching off occurs in a similar way, only the flashlight goes out smoothly:Connection to a smartphone is standard, via the menuSettings -> Bluetooth. An icon appears in the notification line showing the remaining charge level of the column. When playing music through AUX, you can only guess about the remaining charge. You also have to guess the name of the current track:To change the volume, use the "+" keysand "-". If you press and hold the key, the track will switch. The "▶ ║" key is used to stop / start playback and to control hands-free. With an incoming call: a single press - accept the call, hold - reset. If you simply hold down the key, the phone will call the last number. The quality of voice transmission is quite acceptable for a speakerphone, at least not worse than the same Mega.The middle key is used to turn on / off /"Flashlight" and to activate the True wireless stereo function. Theoretically, for TWS to work properly, two identical speakers are needed, but I didn’t have two, there was this and Mega. Oddly enough, the speakers have successfully made friends. To “pair” the speakers, hold down the flashlight key on the Element Blaze, wait for the LED to blink green / blue, then hold down the MODE button on the Element Mega, hear the “saw” from it, hear the “saw” from the Element Blaze and connect the speakers via Bluetooth as a whole . On subsequent starts, the speakers will automatically see the pair. When connected via AUX, the connection between the speakers breaks. The volume of the two speakers is approximately the same, but the sound from Element Blaze seemed to me more bass, although this is personally my inexperienced opinion, and it may not correspond to reality. The division of the right / left speakers is present. In general, a bunch of two speakers sounds very interesting. I would also like to note that in the on state, but in the absence of a sound source, both speakers are disgustingly noisy:When charging, the indicator next to the power button lights up in red. When fully charged, it goes out. Consumes a column of about 0.5A:Since the ip54 standard implies thata certain amount of dust can penetrate inside, but this does not interfere with the operation of the device, as well as only protection against splashes falling in any direction, I won’t drown the column in the bath, I still have to sell it to Avito ;-).
And a few words about the complete cables. Micro-USB voltage drop: 0A-5.24V; 0.5A-4.96V; 1A-4.68V; 2A-4.11V. It is 63 cm long. In general, it’s not so hot, but the wave is suitable for this column. AUX is long - 63 cm.
to contentКомментари to commentsIn general, the column copes with its task byValue for money I liked more Tronsmart Element Mega. The declared specifications are more honest than those of Mega: in 10W I will believe more than in 40. Appearance in general is not bad. Moisture protection and a flashlight, although nominal, but better than nothing. And of course the normal volume buttons. Not a twist, of course, but better than the touch panel of Mega.
From Wishlist / wishes to the manufacturer:
♩ The indicator of the battery charge and volume level on the speaker itself.
♩ Ability to turn off annoying system sounds.
♩ Support for memory cards is also not enough, it is not always possible to use a smartphone’s charge.
♩ I would also like a display that displays the name of the current track and the remaining battery power.
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