RKM K8 - almost a good keyboard

Hello. Today's review is devoted, in my opinion, to a very useful gadget - the keyboard. This device was purchased to work in conjunction with the TV-Box. Of course, many can say that for these purposes you could buy a full keyboard with Russian characters, however, the presence of a touchpad on this keyboard is an absolute plus for working with TV-Box. Air mouse is also a good thing, but not in allcases, in this regard, I have an air mouse in my arsenal and already have a wireless keyboard, by the way, now I use it much more often. And looking ahead, I’ll say, in one of the reviews I saw transparent stickers with a Russian-language keyboard. I think to buy for my new keyboard.

Packing and packaging
The parcel arrived in a standard small package, inside of which was a box with a keyboard wrapped in a lot of soft material.
The box consisted of two parts. Dust jackets, indicating the manufacturer, model name and image.

And an ordinary cardboard box, in which the keyboard itself was in a soft bag.
Package Included:
1. Keyboard RKM K8;
2. USB adapter;
3. Instructions and brief instructions.

As we can see, the delivery set is rather scarce, however, it has everything that is necessary for normal, full-fledged work.
The keyboard is made of matte, structured plastic.
RKM K8 is a multimedia keyboard in itThere are several additional buttons for controlling the audio player. A little to the right are LED indicators that notify us of CapsLock turned on, connected to the charger, Bluetooth pairing status, and battery level.

A little lower is a series of buttons with the image of various icons, the purpose of each of which can be seen in the picture.

On the right is the touch panel, withminimum information applied on it. On the right, on the panel, you can see the image of the scrolling slider, and the bottom two control buttons (left and right mouse buttons).

The back of the keyboard is made entirely ofmatte black plastic, there are 4 rubber legs on it, a sticker with the company name, model and charger requirements (5V, 300mA max).

There is also a compartment inside which there is a USB port for connecting to a charger and a Bluetooth module for connecting to a TV-Box (for example).

Almost all the ends of the keyboard are absolutely clean, with the exception of the front. There are no switches on them.

On the front of the keyboard is an On / Off switch.

In size, the keyboard is slightly smaller than the standard, and much thinner.

In work
As I mentioned at the beginning of my review - thisthe keyboard was bought to work in conjunction with the TV-Box, and I want to note that for these purposes it is very good. There are no complaints about the work of the touchpad, the only thing I would like is the ability to independently set the speed of the mouse pointer ... In the process of writing a review, this function was discovered.
In terms of typing, here, of course, arisesome inconvenience associated precisely with the size of the keyboard, but these are trifles. I don’t think that I will use this keyboard as the main one for the computer, but for mobile gadgets it is very convenient. The keys in the keyboard are pressed very gently and have a fairly large stroke.
The process of pairing the keyboard with the computer did not cause any difficulties. Just install the module in the USB port and turn on the keyboard.
The range of the keyboard upset me, as it is quite small and is only about 3-5 meters.
- Quality of performance;
- Dimensions and weight;
- Multi touch;
- Large and responsive touch pad;
- Full size keys;
- Function of automatic shutdown;
- Built-in battery.
- Lack of Russian language on the keys;
- The lack of a network adapter in the package;
- Small radius of action.
To summarize, I want to say that myI was undoubtedly pleased with the acquisition. The lack of a Russian keyboard layout is a little upsetting, but for me personally, this is not critical, however, its presence would be a very pleasant addition. Thanks to this device, work with the TV-Box has been greatly simplified. Finding the necessary information, a set of passwords and links, and playing my favorite Wormax.io has become much more convenient. In general, if you are not confused by the lack of the Russian language on the keys, I definitely recommend this product for purchase.