SD WiFi adapter for photographers and more.

So came 2 review for a miracle piece from China.
Before that, I wrote a review on such a miracle thing.
I purchased this device for the sake of interest. The device turned out to be interesting, but a little specific. For your audience, a device.
What is this thing for?
This is a wi-fi adapter in the form of an SD card. That is, it is pushed into any SD slot. It has a small hole where you can shove microSD. That's the whole design.
Inside this miracle has its own access point. Which runs about 5-8 meters. Transfer Rate 14-18Mbps
Miracle photo

How does it work. We stick into what can take a picture and there is an SD connector. In this example, there will be a Canon 450 fotik. I inserted an adapter into it. He turned on the camera, the access point rose.
Connected from the phone via wi-fi. The password is specified by the seller, the one that launched the program by default.

There are only 4 buttons in the main menu.
1. View what's on the flash drive.
2. Get a picture online. If you click on it, the phone will go into the photo reception mode, and as soon as you take a photo on the photo. It will boot immediately on the phone.
3. Settings.
Sorki for a photo, forgot to do it, took it from my video
Wifi setup

4. The local folder.
Actually all%) The main function is to get a photo, from the camera down directly to the phone.
Who did not understand anything, or too lazy to read. You can fiddle with a video where I show how this whole miracle also works