laptop cooling system from Aliexpress

The story of how I ordered a cooling system from China for my laptop.
As usual, a review in text and video versions, video at the bottom of the page.
I have an old laptop ASUS K52F, whichUsed for working with documents, for surfing the Internet and other simple tasks. I do not play games, but for such tasks its capabilities are beyond my eyes. And last spring, he began to malfunction. This manifested itself in the fact that he could turn off without any warning. At first it happened occasionally, but the farther, the more often. It became clear that shutdowns occur when the load on the processor increases, for example, several tasks are launched in parallel.

By summer, the situation became completely intolerant,the computer began to shut down several times a day. Suspicion fell on the cooling system. Dismantled, for sure, she. Droplets were found in one place of the copper tube, which means that the liquid has leaked. A simple diagnosis was made: a lighter heated the plate for the processor and made sure that the cooling tube warms up very slowly as the metal warms up. And with a working system, heat spreads very quickly.

The reason is established, it is necessary to change. Asked for a price at an official service center. Stunned. Went to search on Aliexpress.
There were a lot of options on Aliexpress. Prices are often very attractive. But for some reason, almost all stores selling such parts do not have a reputation and history. Also, the product in many photographs looks somehow dubious, as if used.
In the end, he decided to still order in one of the stores, which had at least some sales history.
The seller with the dispatch lasted several days, but in the end sent it, the parcel arrived.
The goods arrived in a cardboard box, inside of whichwas a spare part ordered, lined with pieces of polystyrene. Packaging, in my opinion, on the "four with a minus." In normal transport, protection is sufficient, but if the box is crushed by some heavy packages, the tube may bend. I was lucky, the goods were intact.

As a result of the inspection, it turned out that the tube withAliexpress is different from native. The main difference is that the platform for cooling the video card is otherwise made. I thought that the Chinese had mixed up the model, but the guys at the service center said that individual nodes changed slightly depending on the revision and that this was still a system for my computer model (native from above).

The tube itself is also made a little different than on the original. The tube is wider and flattened, curved a little differently, and also made somehow rough, as if it were roughly brushed up with a file.

Well, okay, appearance is not important, the main thing is that it works. Check lighter-works. Heat very quickly spreads through the tube, and it evenly warms up.
There is another intrigue. The tube with Aliexpress is clearly bent at a different angle, not at 90 degrees. This is clearly seen when she lies next to her native. In the video you can see that she just does not fall into place, and in order to put the fan in its place, the tube will have to be pressed a little to the side. Well, how will it crack? But, as you can see, she did not crack, and it turned out to put everything in its place.
Next, we check the operation of the system assembly.

Everything works as it should.
More than a year has passed since the installation of the system. The computer is working properly, does not overheat. In general, the purchase was quite successful - I was able to inexpensively repair my laptop.
Would others recommend buying at this store? I do not even know. The quality of the spare part that arrived is not ideal, the fact that it was necessary to use pressure during installation is not at all happy, and on another computer it may well lead to breakdown. Or maybe not. The purchase is more likely from the series “It is worth taking a chance” than “Take it boldly-tested!”.