Swiss Men Messenger Bags Original Design Oxford Water-proof Zipper Bag Men’s Travel Bags / Handbag

An excellent compact handbag, for wearing in the summer - this is it.

Includes a handbag and strap for her.
Sewing is not perfect, but obviously not basement. On the bag there was a tag indicating the name of the product and model. Everything is as it should be with a normal sewing product.
The strap, as for me, is generally a little narrow, but based on the size of the bag, it is proportional. But the length is excellent and it is conveniently adjustable.

The sizes correspond to the declared ones (pay attention to the choice there is this model both larger and smaller, my copy is medium), namely
Middle: Height = 18cm; Length = 14.5cm; Widen = 10cm

On the inside of the bag there is a wide harness for attaching the bag to the belt.
At the ends of the bag there are even usefulexcesses: a ring and a tape with fasteks for fastening of removable external things. I rarely use it, although it happens - for example, an umbrella is sometimes fastened in transport so that my hands are free.

Material both external (Oxford) and linings(Polyester) quality enough, accessories (snakes, carbines, etc.) - as well. Immediately upon receipt, the bag did not have a strong smell of fabric. After a couple of days of wearing, he disappeared.
Decoration in the form of Swiss crosses is not provocative and the appearance of the product does not spoil. Pleased with the lack of inscriptions, I do not like them.
Pockets, pockets. Because of them, he took it. Four branches.

The first is Velcro. It’s only suitable to put a talochnik on transport or a check from the store.
Three outdoor compartments on snakes. Second



In the third compartment there is also an internal compartment on the snake, which is what is needed to stash the storage of various nishtyaks hidden from the eyes.
My usual set of wallet, phone, player, headphones, keys, flashlight, pens, notebook, documents fit inside this purse is just wonderful.
It fell several times in the rain, once strong enough, with a short contact with water, the handbag provides moisture protection inside it.
Satisfied. Like. I recommend.