The same toilet paper about which everyone jokes. Xiaomi Wuro Xiujia for 6.66

On sale appeared toilet paper from Xiaomi. Sorry, but I could not help but share such good news with my friends.
The price is only $ 6.66 per roll. (as a gift, the seller will send another roll, but of an already nameless rootless toilet paper)
Yes, the price tag is wild. But this is Xiaomi! And they do anything for their fans. If only they paid for it.

For $ 6.66 we get a roll of antibacterial, ultra-soft, eco-friendly four-layer toilet paper.
Please note that despite the price, it is disposable.
Therefore, for an average Russian family, five rolls must be ordered immediately.
Well and below I offer photos in which you can see how this product is beautiful for its money:

If that I can’t even imagine what is wrapped in a piece of paper in the photo below:

But I hope that this is some kind of simple Chinese pie. Until the moment he needs toilet paper.
Now, jokingly, like, is Xiaomi already releasing toilet paper? Feel free to send the joker to this post. Produces and sells. For $ 6.66
And if without jokes, I wonder if anyone will buy it?
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