Shrink bags for remote controls. 5 pieces for 2 cents. One lot in one hand

I don’t know about you, but I still wrap the remotes from TVs, music centers and other electronics in packages.
I just have three children, and without packages, the consoles kill very quickly.
There is such a very useful lot for those like me.
For 2 cents give 5pcs. shrink bags.
The use is quite simple: Put the remote control in a bag, heat it with a hairdryer until it completely shrinks. We use it. Everything is as in the picture:

Please note that you need to warm with a regular hair dryer, and not with an industrial or soldering hair dryer with a temperature of 450C or higher. I warned you.
The packages themselves have a size of 14x9.5cm. Consider this when buying, to be sure that your remote fits into it.

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