Warm women's jacket

Hello! Autumn is already on the verge, although it’s still warm days in central Russia, but soon it will be necessary to warm up and it's time to think about what. Today we will talk about a gray quilted women's jacket. On the store’s website it is indicated that it is winter, but according to my feelings, it is rather a cold autumn.

The jacket arrived 14 days after the order. I received it at the post office, it was packed in a regular plastic bag on a plastic lock.
The top layer is made of polyester with an inner filler made of cotton, which is indicated on the label on the wrong side.

There is also a tag indicating the size of the product, a loop in order to hang the jacket on the hook is missing - this is a minor minus.

The jacket is quilted over the entire area, which after washing will not allow the filler to stray into one lump, but will remain in place.
The stitching is made efficiently and on the front side of the jacket and on the wrong side, there are no sticking threads.
Sleeves are also well-stitched.

The jacket has two identical pockets on both sides, which are decorated with a decorative cord with a plastic tip.
The pockets are deep enough.
For extra wear resistance, the pockets are finished with a very dense fabric, which also looks good.
The zipper on the jacket fastens along the entire length, including the high collar, it is plastic, but of high quality.
The slider is made of metal, the fabric does not bite - this is undoubtedly a plus.
Further, the lightning is smelled, additionally protecting from the wind, using metal buttons.
The jacket can be worn without a hood, thanks to the high collar, it will look beautiful.
The hood is fastened to the jacket with a zipper.
Further, the hood is decorated with fur. Without him, I would not have worn a jacket; somehow it doesn’t look very good.
Fastens the fur with small transparent buttons.
The fur itself is artificial, but it looks good, it is packed very tight, it does not climb. There are several colors for this jacket to choose from in this jacket, I chose in tone gray.
For the experiment, I sprayed water on my jacket, after 5 minutes, something absorbed, something not.

And, of course, a photo from everyday life.
To summarize: the jacket is nice, despite the fact that the fur is faux, sewn efficiently, there is not enough loop - this is a minus, the size grid is fully consistent. At the expense of the period of operation, I am inclined so far towards autumn. If you correlate price / quality, then for such a price - a thing more than worthy.
All sincere smiles and successful shopping!
Thank you for watching!