KingCamp Warm Winter Shoes - Gray Tapas

Hello! Today we will talk about unusual at first glance KingCamp shoes, which the manufacturer positions as shoes for home, work, driving and camping.
When the seller asked me to review thesetapatushki, I thought: “why do I need them?”, but now I drive them at home in this cold autumn period, when the heating has not been switched on yet. But first things first.

As usual, I will say a word that they arrived quickly enough - 12 days by courier delivery of Russian mail.
Description of goods from the store website:
- material of manufacture: 100% nylon 40D + PU coating;
- features: water resistant 5000 mm;
- internal material: fleece 200 g / m2;
- filler: hollow fiber cotton 40 g;
- sole: rubber;
- gender: unisex;
- weight: 350 g;
- carrying bag: orange 420D polyester with polyurethane coating;
- intended: for home, work, driving and camping.
The seller gives a guarantee for shoes - 5 years.
The kit includes:
- 1 x a pair of warm boots;
- 1 x bag.
There is still a cutaway photo of the shoes on the store’s website, of course I won’t cut them, so I’ll use the photo from the store’s website.
Well, this orange bag with a zipper. Gray tapas are visible through the mesh window. The color scheme is very diverse, but I liked these. On the front side there is a company logo, a schematic image of shoes, and the purpose is graphically indicated: camping, hiking, fishing, trips, a house.
At the back of the bag are the company logo,a schematic image of shoes and graphically depicted characteristics: light, warm, easy to use, non-slip sole, for any time of day.
Open the zipper.
Well, that’s the shoes themselves. What is noteworthy, despite the fact that the material for manufacturing the sole is rubber, I did not feel any unpleasant odors.

On the back of the shoe there is an eyelet with the logo of the company.
The quality of the stitching is excellent, there are no protruding threads.
Shoes are easy to put on and take off, and they keep tight on their feet thanks to an elastic band.
The sole is stitched up qualitatively and almost imperceptibly.
It is made of rubber and does not slip on any type of surface.
The inner fabrication material is thick fleece.
A label indicating the size is attached to the lining.
The slippers are very soft, they are easy to bend and twist.
My impressions: At first glance, these shoes seemed rather strange to me (not for “beautifying” for sure), but after careful study I even liked them. I note the pros: lightweight, comfortable, warm, easy to take off and put on, comfortable. For myself, I concluded that I can easily put them on in the car as replaceable shoes (I can’t drive a car in heels) in the autumn-winter period of time, and besides, they do not get wet. Now I drive them around the house, because heating has not yet been given; they perfectly replaced home slippers. Would I wear them outside in winter? Most likely not, because the sole is thin and they do not cover enough legs. If there was a private house, then I probably would have carried them in the yard in the cold season. Camping is, of course, not my topic, but thanks to the bag it is easy to take them with you on trips over long distances. It feels like they will last a long time, and the guarantee is not just given for 5 years.
Well, now a photo from everyday life.
Specifically photographed in combination with winter trousers.
Thanks for attention!
All warmth, smiles and good shopping!