USB modem for PC and tablet

Good afternoon. I want to share the experience of using the USB modem I bought. In short - a good modem.
Having bought an Android tablet without a 3g module, II thought to buy a 3G modem that would work without problems with it and with a PC. The work had the prospect of traveling and the modem was needed in any case, and given that no one canceled trips abroad, he decided to take it without being tied to the operator. On Ali I came across this model with a price of about 500-600 rubles and also with a microSD slot, I decided to take it.
wirless Modem Type: WCDMA, EDGE
Products Status: Stock
Brand Name: Harvilon
Type: Wireless
Package: Yes
Interface Type: USB
Certification: CCC
Style: External
Model Number: HD581
Transmission Rate: 7.2Mbps
Color: Black & White
Transmission Rate: 7.2Mbps, 384Kbps
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM6280
Support Band: HSDPA / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS / GSM
Support USB: high speed 2.0
Memory (SDRAM / NAND): Micro SD slot up to 32G
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
A little bit about the chip
info c 3dnews

Came packed in a yellow bag with a little bubble and then a container with a modem.

Outwardly, nothing special. The LED lights up blue when working, red when the device boots. MicroSD slot under the SIM card slot.
Everything works fine with the tablet (with the mapBeeline), just plug in through OTG and restart. No photo, because The tablet has long been gone. There were no problems with working on a PC either; when connected, we see

PC sees a flash drive

next we put the program and

when polling a modem in windows we see

I use the modem for about a year, everything is fine,It is heated medium. Communication holds no worse than the rest. It’s bad that the connector is not swivel, and laptops are not very convenient, but swivels die faster (for 2 comrades, they died in the places of turns).
Half a year ago, my wife washed in a typewriter with a jacket, took it apart, dried it - everything works.
A bit of inside

Conclusion The modem is good. I survived the washing and there are no problems with it, if you look closely, then inside there is a connector for an external antenna, if anyone needs it. I tried to flash to change the menu, but it did not work. In general, he obviously worked his money. If anyone has any questions, then ask in the comments, otherwise I don’t know how USB modems test.
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