USB portable air freshener.

Portable USB Air Fragrance for Funny Money
Good day to all! Recently, looking at Aliexpress, I came across an interesting little thing - USB air freshener.
The review will be short, because nothing to talk about. There will be no disassembly - I can’t disassemble it in such a way that I can assemble it without loss. I came in a standard mouse-colored bag and a little bubble. I came standard - for a month (without a track).
In appearance it resembles a flash drive, and inabout the same size. The kit includes an oil dropper. Made of plastic, no odors, when heated, only the smell of aromatic oil (or odorless if the oil runs out)

Length (with cap 6 cm)
Width 1.8 cm
0.8 cm thick

The cap is the same color as the ring where the aromatic oil is dripping.
When plugged into the USB socket, it glows bright green. There is heating, but not strong (it worked 2.5 hours, it was warm).

To check, they dripped 2 drops of tea oil - the smell is pleasant, it was felt for about half an hour.
Findings -
Pros: USB
Cons: not found
In general - a suitable appliance, you can take it.
P.S. Purchased for their money. I ask you not to kick much, this is my first review.
P.P.S. I ordered a couple more bottles of aromatic oil. When they come, I’ll do a review.