Evening dress at a budget price. To be or not to be?

A bit of history - initially lace was used exclusively for decorative decoration of clothes of the rich and aristocratic fashion families, then it gradually replaced the embroidery.
Now lace is actively used by fashion designers in the mass market and in Haute Couture Houses.
What makes lace different from dozens of other materials? What is its uniqueness and attractiveness? Perhaps the secret of the enduring popularity of lace in its apparent imperfection - because the lace is half made up of holes!
“Lace evening dress ... why not?” I thought and made an order for Ali.
Price and delivery
I ordered the dress in the spring, it cost only 1265 rubles, ePaket delivery, the track was tracked all the way.

Match description
Photo of the dress on the seller’s page is not quitetrue, but for me this fact was not a surprise, as I read reviews and comments before buying and saw photos from buyers. There is a significant difference in the neckline for the bust on the dress, as you yourself can notice ...

The size
Communication with the seller - from my memory, he turned out to be sociable and helped me navigate in size, I ordered size M for my parameters 87-64-94 and height 167 cm

Regarding the description in the amount of hips I havea big question arose, in connection with which I immediately contacted the seller in order to relieve myself of responsibility for the wrong size in case of a dispute. The grid is doubtful (namely in the size of OB), so I advise you to ask the seller for the size of your parameters.
Fabric structure
Dress fabric declared by the seller as cotton, polyester, spandex, lace ...
To make it clearer, I attach a photo of the dress inside and out and my assumptions about the composition of the material, because I did not find tags on the dress on the composition.
Fabric photo

“Cups” for the bust are sewn inside the dress - I don’t knowwhy are they, because the dress doesn’t shine through anyway, but in principle they don’t bring any inconvenience, they keep it clear, they don’t move out, so I’ll leave this point neutral in my opinion, it’s here that I assume polyester and spandex (in tabs).
The dress itself consists of two main materials - lace - it, I mean, consists of cotton, does not stretch at all.
And the bottom dress is flesh-colored, which shines through this lace, weakly imitating the color of the body, it is “pulling” in composition, in it I also mean polyester, spandex and a little cotton.
Measurement of dress size M:
Dress length about 102 cm
The length of the straps is 15 cm

Quality dresses and seams
Seams on a solid four, if you still take into account the price (I remembered about it throughout the time of ownership of this dress)
Photo stitches

Now, with regard to quality, I have identified a few main drawbacks for myself, some of them insignificant, but for many they are important, so I’ll point out everything:
1. There were threads, not a huge amount, but the fact is the fact
2. There was a smell of a new thing, after washing disappeared
3. The straps on the dress are sewn rather awkwardly, I would like them to be more authentic, in addition, when I took photographs, I noticed that they were also “a hair away” from tearing
4. Section. The dress came to me with a curved cut, that is, one end of the cut was longer and the other shorter, I quickly fixed it with scissors, secretly hoping that the dress would not open, actually see what happened:

The zipper, quite normal to itself, metal, when fastened a little "jam"

A photo on me, in which I highlight another drawback of this dress, or rather, its cut.
Dress on me

On the back in the interval from the shoulder blades to the waist of the dressit forms “sharpei folds”, which gives me the impression that these are folds of fat, it’s scary to imagine what kind of impression one has from those who saw these folds. This is a minus of the cut, since the dress is sewn not according to my figure and has a back margin for a larger volume of the bust or back (the part highlighted in the photo with a red line stretches well):

I bought this dress for home celebrations, put it on only once, I would hardly have allowed myself to go somewhere in the “people” without any modifications. I put a four with a minus, given the price.
Thank you very much for your attention!