Cycling gloves from China

Hello! Today I will tell you about cheap bicycle gloves from China. They are needed to protect the hands during long trips and as additional protection (from scratches) in case of a fall. I ordered gloves for the first time, and indeed before that time I did not have such an accessory. What came of it, read under the cut.
As many experienced cyclists know, glovesvery important detail for long pokatushek. Since a cyclist for a long time actually presses with all his weight in the palm of his hand, where many nerve endings are located, which in turn leads to rapid fatigue of the arm and is generally not desirable. Plus, vibration from driving on the road and any irregularities is connected. Gloves are designed to solve this problem.
Ordered gloves with Aliexpress. The priority was a low price and that the gloves were fingerless. Specifically, I purchased these for 5.13 cu: inexpensive compared to the models presented in our (Belarus) stores. The size I chose is XL, although I usually wear L, because many wrote in reviews that gloves were small. This turned out to be true or wrong, read on. The color is blue. Conveniently, in the header of the product you can immediately select both. Some sellers sometimes do not add such functionality and they have to write.
Gloves came in a regular mail package, insidewhich was the package on the clasp. You can see the details of the parcel disclosure procedure in the video, which I will post according to the rules at the bottom of the review. And now we proceed to consider the patient himself.How they look above and below. It is written "GIANT", although of course it is a fake. As indicated on the seller’s website, the material of the gloves is “Silk, Polyester, Synthetic Leather, Rayon, Microfiber, Nylon.” Whether all the materials listed are present in fact, I won’t tell you, I am especially interested in silk, like the expensive material for such a product. Although it feels like the upper part is made of blue. Bottom nylon mesh, faux leather lining. Lining also covers the area between the index finger and thumb. They are sewn with thread in 2 rows.Inside we see a label with a size of XL. Velcro sewn tightly. But what about the pad filler, sothis, apparently, is microfiber and it is already quite a bit there. The pads here rather prevent the hand from slipping, but the pressure on the flu is practically not reduced. They are located in the center of the palm and above the area at the base of the fingers. A loop is firmly sewn between the middle and ring fingers, which makes it easier to remove gloves from the hand. Actually removed without any problems.
What a pair of gloves look like:
Let's look at the hand now:Squeeze in a fist:
As for the size, those who wrote the reviews wereare right. You need to order a size larger, gloves are small. Therefore Ikselki lay down well to me, do not hang out and do not press. The Velcro closes and fastens without problems.
Now what about the experience of use. I expected more from these gloves. The pad filler is very thin, I don’t feel that the flu (and I have it hard) has less pressure on my hands. And since I ordered including for this purpose, this is a significant minus for me. Due to the presence of the net, the hands do not sweat much, but in very hot weather I have not tested it yet, there wasn’t such =) It is easy to put on and take off. But after a couple of trips I noticed that some of the threads began to come out, I think that the gloves would not last long.
Video with the disclosure of packaging and fitting:

In the end, I want to say that for such a price glovesnot bad, but after using this model, I came to the conclusion that it is better to order more expensive and high-quality ones. Preferably with gel pad filler. I will carry these gloves and look for a more convenient option.
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