Xiaomi MI Band

Hello! I present to you a review on the Mi Band after a month of use. Whoever does not know yet is a smart bracelet from the notorious XIAOMI, only costing 10 times less than its competitors.
A little before the story, after the summer presentation of this bracelet, I began to actively wait for the start of sales. On Ali, everyone had a pre-order, no one had bracelets and a price tag of $ 40-50. After hours of correspondence with the Chinese, it was decided to order from this seller. First of all, I liked that for everythinghe answered my questions instantly and honestly stated that no one in China has these bracelets when they appear unknown. As a result, I ordered and did not fail, after sending the bracelet came to me in 3 weeks.
About the packaging from xiaomi they say that they withstand up to 180 kilograms and are incredibly durable, I don’t know whether it is or not, but the bracelet came to me not damaged.
Photo packaging and boxes.
a photo

And here are the cheerful Chinese who test the strength of their products

The strap is made of thermoplastic siliconeDow Corning TPSiV elastomer, it is completely safe for the skin and was created specifically for wearable devices. At Aliexpress now, everyone who is not too lazy to start selling color straps from an unknown factory, but no one knows if they are safe. For a long time, only black was available from the original straps, but more recently, original xiaomi belts in two colors, yellow and blue, went on sale. I already ordered one myself, by the way, from the same Chinese. Who cares is the link: aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-from-Xiaomi-Newest-1pc-lot-Newest-Xiaomi-Mi-Band-Wrist-Band-Wearable-Wrist-TPSiV-Accessories/1041024_32232571159.html

Specifications bracelet.

Since before that there were already reviews on redlightgreenThis bracelet 10 times to repeat the same thing I do not want. For the bracelet to work with the phone, you need the mi band application, if earlier this application was available only for android, now iOS users can become happy owners of this device, with one caveat, because bluetooth 4.0 le is required all Iphones older than 5 cannot be used, for 4s there is no application yet, but I think it will appear in the near future.
The mi band app comes out every Monday, andWith each new version, the Chinese add new functionality. Unfortunately, there is no official support for the Russian language, but folk craftsmen in particular dezmen3 post the translated version on w3bsit3-dns.com, so there are no problems with localization.
The main reason for the purchase for me was onlysmart alarm clock. And the rest of the buns, as an extra bonus. The bracelet with its role, waking me up in the morning does an excellent job. It wakes up at the stage of light sleep, a maximum of half an hour before the time set on the alarm clock, if I am not in a different phase, I will wake up precisely by the time that the alarm clock indicated.

The bracelet records the time when I went to bed and woke up. As a result, you can see the average time of sleep, falling asleep, waking up for a week / month

Counts very accurately in the application settingsindicates height and weight. Growth in order to count all the steps in the distance traveled, and weight in order to calculate how many calories burned. The application shows what you can eat for burned kilocalories looks a lot of fun, thanks to the application localizer, he added his product table, and now the application does not offer to eat moon cakes and fried ginger.

Fitness center Recently introduced into the functionality of the applicationfitness center, while there are only two points. These are exercises for the abs and the rope. He also considers this whole thing without errors and translates everything into calories burned. There is also a vote for the addition of new sports.

I am completely satisfied with the bracelet, allThe claimed functionality is 100% complete. Plus, a nice bonus is that developers weekly update both the bracelet firmware itself and the application. Also, the bracelet can unlock the phone, available only to owners of xiaomi phones and devices for androd 5. Another bracelet notifies you of calls through vibration. The bracelet has very good autonomy, 29 days have passed since the last charge, and the charge remains 31%. It is also dustproof and waterproof. Of the minuses, given such a cost, I can’t say anything, if you are even a little related to sports or maybe your friend / acquaintance, then I would recommend this device, the New Year is just around the corner, and I think that many would be so happy an unusual and useful gift.