Charger for the tablet.

After almost a year of using the tablet, charging began to suspiciously “clatter” somehow. It was decided to order a new one. Requirements: 5V and 2A. Consider and compare the old and the new.
Old charge (ONDA Vi40 tablet):

New charge:

As you can see, the characteristics are the same. But what's inside? Take a look!


Everything is done "in an adult way." True, I don’t know which chip is standing (the radiator is soldered on it).

Structurally a little easier. The PWM controller Chip-Rail CR5224 is used, which, I think, fully satisfies the declared characteristics and will cope with its tasks without problems.
Pros: Declared specifications are consistent. A plug for “our” outlet. After a month of use, no problems were noticed.
Cons: not yet revealed.
Conclusion: if you need a spare charge for the tablet, then you can take it.