Aluminum Enclosure for USB3.0 - Sata2 External Hard Drive In a nutshell, the case is worth the money, and pretty decent speed characteristics.

Good evening to all readers! For more than a year I have been reading various reviews here and, like many others, I finally decided to write myself.
To the review. Recently I decided to order myself, for my money, a case for a hard drive, in order to attach an SSD that is still idle
There are no links anymore since I bought them 10 months ago and the store probably sold them all and they ended up in stock. I bought several SSDs for myself for installation in
But so far I have acquired one mini PC in which thisSSD has been standing as a system drive since May 2016. While the flight is normal. Let's go back to the HDD case. It was needed, as you understand for maximum speed, with USB 3.0, although judging by the speed tests inside SATA 2, it may be USB limitations. since the SSD has the mSATA format, it was additionally ordered in advance, and lay for half a year, just in case the adapter
mSATA - SATA for about $ 1.7.
I liked the case by the presence of full-fledged connectorsUSB 3.0 (probably more reliable than microUSB) and the corresponding USB-USB cable, I did not measure the length, but it is quite comfortable for work. The case itself is painted with light blue paint, probably will soon begin to climb.
Let's get down to speed testing.
The program is known to everyone, I do not use another:
Runs of 50 and 500 mb. The test was conducted on a complete cable from the front USB3.0 mini PC connectors
I’ll write about the computer later, well, for example, after a year of operation
Speaking of delivery - order 14.12.2016 receiving in the mail by hand on January 21, 2017, which is within the normal range, the track was not tracked - this is a minus. But the parcel arrived safe and sound, I’m sorry I didn’t do the packaging and unpacking photos, because I was not going to write a review, the packages were exactly as indicated on the site: a shameless dermatin case, a mini Phillips screwdriver, three (2 and one spare) screws for mounting the front plastic panel, a cable and the case itself.
For reference, I will add photos of SSD speed tests inside the mini PC directly through the mSATA connectorand back side photo
housing assembly .and more photos

housing details (front, rear panels and the housing itself)

and the case near without plastic panels, to assess the thickness of the case (sorry did not attach a ruler for scale)

Bottom line: I recommend buying, given the price and speed characteristics.
Minuses: bad cover, case paint, unreliable and short-lived plastic plugs of the case (back), since the front one is screwed, the case inside is not insulated with plastic inserts (possibly circuit board closure) - I had to finish it myself.
Pros: price, good write and read speed - at the SATA2 level, case - metal, USB cable - USB 3.0, equipment.