Diamond embroidery "Cat" 15x15 cm

Today's review will focus on smalla set for needlework, acquired by me on the open spaces of Aliexpress. It was ordered as an additional presentation for my daughter for the New Year. Like every other child, she is my ardent lover of seals and other small and shaggy animals. We have a huge number of coloring pages with their image at home, and therefore we decided to diversify them with something more serious :).
The choice of the picture was carried out by the whole family, but rightthe decisive vote belonged to the daughter. After the alleged "5D" picture was selected, the order was executed and paid. Here I want to say that my daughter wanted the biggest picture. The one that is 50 x 50 centimeters, but I still managed to convince her that it would be difficult and very long. Therefore, in order to understand what it is, the most compact picture was ordered with dimensions of 15 x 15 centimeters.
On the way, the package spent more than a month and was safely received at the local post office, however, after the New Year. Events on the track can be viewed here. The order was rolled up in a tube and packed in a plastic bag. The contents of the parcel looked as follows:

After unpacking, it was found that inthe delivery set contains the basis for the future picture, a kind of tweezers with which the “diamonds” are attached to the designated places, pieces of pink glue, a tray for “diamonds”, a cardboard with instructions for finding numbers and, in fact, the “diamonds” themselves. Live all this wealth looked something like this:

The base is a sheet of dense fabric onwhich printed the image of the reproduced picture, a field for attaching "diamonds", a table of their color coding and a small instruction in Chinese and perfect !!! Russian languages. The area on which the “diamonds” are glued is covered with a special glue and covered with a protective film.

"Diamonds" are in sealed numberedbags connected in one big tape. There are countless sorts of digits on each bag, but thanks to the cardboard instruction, it immediately becomes clear exactly where to look.

The tray for "diamonds" is made in the form of a boat. Its bottom is covered with small protrusions, thanks to which the pebbles easily turn over to the desired position. "Tweezers" is something remotely similar to a ballpoint pen in which a piece of the metal part of the rod was cut off. To prevent the “diamonds” from falling out of the tweezers, a small piece of glue is included. That is, stuck the tweezers into the glue and then take them “diamonds”, as soon as they stop being fixed on the tip of the “tweezers”, you stick it into the glue again and so on to the victorious end.

In order not to stick the adhesive base, the protective film must be turned off a little bit.

I don’t know how anyone, but we didn’t do the pictureplots and colors. First one color completely, then the second and so on. Despite the fact that the size of the picture is only 15 x 15 centimeters, the process of its reconstruction was not difficult, but rather laborious. It took about a week for my daughter to stick all the “diamonds” into place. But here it should be noted that she did it in the evenings after the kindergarten. So if you set a goal, then everything can be done much faster. True, it seems to me that in this case it will not be possible to get much pleasure from the process.
Here is the process of creating it:

And this is how the intermediate stage looked somewhere in the middle of the process:

Here I want to say that despite the fact thatthe picture is small, “diamonds” took a lot to create. The diameter of each shine is approximately 2.5 millimeters, that is 4 things per 1 centimeter. It turns out 60 “diamonds” in each line, of which there are also 60. That is, if I remember the mathematics correctly, then all in all this small picture took 3,600 “diamonds”. I don’t even want to figure out how many of them will be needed for a picture measuring 50 x 50 centimeters

The finished diamond cat looks like this:

I would not say that he is exactly the same as the onewhich is shown in the upper left corner, but, definitely, there are some similarities between the two pictures не But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that my 6 year old daughter really liked this whole thing. She, by my nature, generally loves to do something, draw, sculpt, assemble. But he does not like to finish the job. As a rule, all her undertakings stop halfway and their further fate is of little interest to her. So she collected this cat from beginning to end (of course, not without the help of mom and dad, but still), which could not but rejoice me. So now ordered another cat in darker colors. I think this will be more like a real picture.
I also want to say that plastic "diamonds"pretty nice shine in the world. Unfortunately, this effect cannot be conveyed in the photo. Here you can see small reflections, but live it all looks much more beautiful.

To summarize everything that was written here, I canto say that “diamond” embroidery is interesting and able to captivate not only a child, but also an adult. Such a purchase will always be justified and will cause only positive emotions. The only resultant picture is not very similar to its usual analogue (it seems to me that in my case it is due to the abundance of light colors), but these are trifles
That’s probably all. Thank you for your attention and your time.