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Making a review just now about a secret box-nychka for installation in an empty slot in the system unit, I promised that my next report would be about a not-so-ordinary device.
Meet men (women) -automotive dedicated, a little thing for cars with low clearance ...
A few words about the price

What it is

How to choose the size of the autobuffer

When size matters

Theoretically, these spacers simply increasethe stiffness of the spring and due to this, the clearance slightly increases and the likelihood of a “breakdown" of shock absorbers decreases. For my part, I want to say that for me the most important argument was an increase in clearance. My Ford Focus 3 has a very small clearance, about 14-15 cm and the front body kit is very low. Constantly you need to control the place where you park; otherwise, the Khan's body kit - you will break it on the curbstone. Yes, and courtyard driveways in the winter do not shine on smooth roads. Having read laudatory reviews on the Internet, I decided to try and check what these magic inserts are. I ordered the first time, as indicated above. But I made a mistake with the sizes. They didn’t come to the Ford, but they approached the rear axle to Lada Kalina. I did not bet - the car is new, and its clearance is large. Therefore, I decided to ask the seller for a larger one in return for a review on this site. Moreover, this has not happened before. The seller agreed. I paid for delivery (about 1.5 kg for $ 32) and recently received a parcel.
The packaging is standard.

When unpacking, I saw damage on a smaller box. I think that PR damaged along the way.

A letter denoting size was squeezed out on a larger box; on a smaller box, such a letter was glued (it was torn off by accident).

This is how it all looks in open form.

It was a preamble. Well, now the ambula itself, so to speak ...
It is necessary to establish it somehow. I advise you to wash the car and especially the wheel arches with springs before installation. It was decided to go to the car wash and then install these things. Due to the snowfall in our area, everyone rushed to wash the cars, so after waiting about 20 minutes of the queue (I was late because I had agreed with the person for a certain time), I decided to install it on an unwashed car. This, as it turned out later, did not change anything (they wiped the springs with a rag and that's it).
Measurement of clearance will be relative. Since the height of the bumpers themselves is different, I decided to measure the height at 2 points, namely at the top of the front and rear wheel arches. Since the clearance is the same, I show only one size on the rear wheel.

It is also recommended that when installing buffers, greasesilicone inside of it, which interacts with the springs, which was done (no pictures), to simplify the installation of buffers (I want to say that this helps a lot).
Fasteners for auto-buffers are made using ordinary plastic ties of the appropriate size. Mounted in 3 places the center and the edges from the top and bottom. As a result, you get 6 screeds per 1 buff.

Here are more pictures of the installation (it's not me, but the person who did it).

Due to the fact that the springs on the rear wheels are closed, installed from the bottom.

Rear view of the left wheel.

Conclusions after installation:
Well, now compare what clearance, although I measured indirectly, through the wheel arches, before and after installing these devices.
Front wheels

Rear wheels

Well, the conclusions (as without them):
- the car has become objectively taller. it is already felt when landing.
- Roll on turns less.
- increased clearance (see above).
- The suspension has become stiffer (it suits me better, because I'm used to Russian cars).
- the cost in China is more than 2 times cheaper than in our stores.
- Someone may not like the increase in stiffness.
- you can make a mistake with the size
- the need to change every 5 years (approximate wear time).
- it is necessary to adjust the wheel alignment
p.s. they call the cat "Zabiyaka" and do not care about the auto-buffers ...