Car radio JSD 520 - a popular budget employee with SD and USB (Offline vs China - does it make sense in ordering?) + Revision

It became curious, but is there any point in buyingbudget radio from China, even such a relatively popular model, or is it easier to buy a similar one in our store - let's try to figure it out ... + a bonus is the inexpensive refinement of the budget to the level ...
This model came across several times goodreviews - I decided to check what is called "on myself" ... especially since the long-installed radio has already outlived itself (there is no way to use external drives except for CDs). By sound, of course, she did not cause any complaints :)))
Previously installed was Pioneer DEH-3730MP, so it was replaced by a "Chinese"

I warn you right away - I bought a “Chinese” for my own and I have no interest in advertising
There was too much information for one review (in fact, I combined several by cutting them), so I used spoilers whenever possible.
There is no sense in comparing what was bought with the one that stood before.(except for the presence of USB, the purchased one loses in everything). Therefore, it was decided to make a comparison with a “classmate” who turned up by chance, who was also popular among state employees, but already sold in offline stores. So the first part of the review “drew” -
Our offline vs China - but is there any sense at all?
A budget employee from stores, this is also about Pioneersame level with Ali. Pioneer MVH-150UB. In cost, it is only slightly more expensive than the Chinese, although at present it is easier to find its later modifications than this particular model.

First, it relies on the “hero” of our review, then a little comparison and your thoughts ..
Appearance, specifications ...

Well, what did the specifications look at?
We climb INSIDE see what the Chinese put inside to get an output power of 4x60W

In order to save time, I decided to cut under"Europe" connector with adhesive tape. There are disputes and different opinions about such decisions, including that it is better to give preference to “twisting”. First of all, I pursued simplicity and speed - whether or not to repeat this option for you

In general, it is really fast and convenient for “tapping”, but it may be worth using other modifications, the model I use is more suitable for “weakness”.
As an option, a similar one can do it - I met similar cars in electrics after improvements in foreign services.

link to the option from the photo if anyone is interested - the cost is less than a dollar for a dozen.
Well, we will continue further ...
Panasonic, with which the comparison is to be had already had “Europe” on board, so everything was done the same for the possibility of a quick change of “balalaika”. A "donor" was found - a cable from another radio tape recorder.

Something like this happened ...

The pioneer with whom we “compare” the Chinese

Two “radio” in front

You can remove the frame to make it clearer

The pioneer’s removable “face” is probably a plus, but I don’t need it ... I have never shot it in my own for many years.

Both, but behind ...

The pioneer inside looks a little more solid

In principle, approximately the same as the Chinese.
A full pipets with a connection “turned up” in the car ... Not only was its “Japanese” format consisting of several connectors, it was also assembled on the “snot” (switching with “knives” was simply typed into the connector).
I had to redo it for experiments and putting things in order.

After installation in the panel, the radio is prettyLooks acceptable. The backlight on the volume control is slightly overestimated, but bearable! For comparison, in the Pioneer MVH-150UB, everything is MUCH worse, even though there is a brightness switch. He also had to modify it - he disassembled his face and pasted pieces of electrical tape over the backlight LEDs.
In principle, during the day everything is visible well ...

At night, only slightly brighter than the standard backlight

The screen is well-readable even at a decent angle (I have a right-hand drive with a right-hand drive - I’m sitting far away), but although it’s color, it’s very mediocre
The radio tape recorder does not understand the Cyrillic alphabet (however, the cant!) - when reading tags with Russian, they go “***”, okay at least not “mnemonics”, like on an old shot pioneer
The pioneer with whom we compare the Cyrillic alphabet understands better, but also not all (not all tags are read correctly)
Conveniently there is a slot for an SD - flash drive is not visible andIt does not stick out, like inserted into a USB. At the same time, via USB, it is theoretically possible to power something possibly (to be honest, I haven’t tried it, in fact, it’s not known what current this socket can give so that “the smoke does not go”)
The pioneer has only a USB connector.
Rotary knob controlcontroversial, as on similar there is a function of pressing with a menu call. On all those implemented in this way, when adjusting "on the go", random clicks occur and the volume adjustment is very uncomfortable. This trouble however on both "subjects"

The Chinese do not have a backlight on the power key, in the dark there is some inconvenience. There is no MUTE button, but there is a pause
Correct power connection is necessary (if you connect the yellow and red wires together, the leakage current is about 0.3 A - so that yellow is a constant plus and red is to the ignition switch).
With a normal connection, after turning on the ignition, the radio shows the current time (does not reset) and the flash drive does not start playing each time again.
Bluetooth handsfree works fine, ideallya microphone replacement is necessary - the interlocutors hear a little quietly. With an incoming or outgoing call, the radio turns off the music and turns it on a couple of seconds after the call ends.
Via Bluetooth, it is possible to listen to music and control the radio (switching tracks, etc.)
Pioneer does not have Bluetooth related features(including speakerphone). There is no distance on it. But there is a number of bells and whistles in receiver functions (I basically do not use functions like RDS, etc., therefore, it’s not important for me), the Chinese are all very modest in this regard.
The sensitivity of both “balalaikas” in comparison with the predecessor is much lower, even after installing an active antenna (maybe of course the antenna purchased is such, I didn’t take any measurements)
At work, the Chinese are noticeably warming up, I do not see too much of a problem.
A little bit about the sound quality!
Quite naturally, he loses to the Pioneer who stood before.
I don’t have enough to install the “flat” equalizer“TOTAL!” ... I don’t know if it’s connected with the curve of the preset from the manufacturer, or something else to blame. When you change to "classic" or "customization" it becomes quite acceptable and not so bad.
Not as clean "top" as on a previously standingPioneer, somewhat harsh. "Bottom" is also rude ... on the other hand, it is still playing much better than "its value"! You can put a four for the sound.
You need to understand that on different acoustics it will sound differently, and it may be even better with certain combinations.
I don’t indicate my acoustics, there is no sense in thiscase, and quite naturally, on a different one, it may sound somewhat different. I compared exactly the difference in sound when changing several radio tape recorders. Well, the comparison of sound itself is certainly relative, because It was done with pauses for reconnection (not too quick), so "remembering the sound" with the nuances of volume and settings is not so simple. I tried to shoot the frequency response, but I don’t quite like the result (bounce in the car gives “crickets”) - I decided not to spread it in the review.
If you compare with the budget Pioneer, then perhaps the Chinese are more interesting, but all this is of course subjective and unequivocal to answer the main question “is it worth ordering or not” at this stage I can not.
Below I sketched a small plate comparing items that have a really noticeable difference and that can be interesting (at least it seemed to me)

Part two
Refinement of the budget radio - it's worth the time!
Do previously voiced cons outweigh the benefits ofappeared functions of speakerphone, playback via BT, USB and SD? Well, maybe not, but still pretty much spoils the impression of the main minus (which you realize only after a while :): the sound quality.
Important - initial listening does notthe real picture
Some disadvantages can be “defeated” - which is what I decided to do.
I did not modify the backlight, although this is the simplest
The sensitivity of the receiver is increased by connecting an active internal antenna.
For "complete happiness" sound refinement is necessary! We’ll do it now ...
For BASIC refinement, a higher-quality amplifier was ordered (bought for $ 3.48 with free shipping - now a little more expensive).
Link to TDA7560 amplifier - for those who want to repeat the experiment
As we recall in the original, the TB2926HQ is installed in the radio, we will change it to TDA7560.

It was sent wrapped in stretch film without any “pimples” (and there was nothing to click on receipt

When ordering, I did not pay attention to the line inthe title of the description of the lot "Tda7560 TDA7560A TDA7560B" - upon receipt I found out the difference. The 7560 and 7560A have differences in additional functions (the presence / absence of an antenna power supply by the control), a different number of legs and, accordingly, to some extent, pinout. It is unclear whether the seller “deceives” intentionally or unintentionally - in photo 7560, 7560A was sent - I had to “fight” with her. When I figured it out, I realized that everything wasn’t so scary (we solve the issue), so I didn’t “strain” the seller, although it was probably worth it.

In the process of studying datashit the amplifier installed in the “Chinese” one detected a discrepancy between the recommended and actually installed capacities (1000µF instead of 3900µF) - I think this additionally affected the sound quality.
The requirements for the installed capacity of the 7560 are also lower (2200? F), but no worse than that - therefore, it was decided to replace as large as possible (which included in size).

Comparing the datasheets installed, 7560 and TDA7560A came to the conclusion that it is possible to banally exclude the “extreme” legs on both sides and everything should work.
Difference 7560 and 7560A

Well, actually the replacement of the amplifier itself
We unscrew the bolts to remove the amplifier board, as well as disconnect the cable.

We solder the amplifier ... and replace it with the sent one

Everything has become like a "native"

the arrows indicated the folded "extra" legs of the amplifier and the capacity that should be replaced.
Naturally, you need to apply a thermal paste layer (I first began to collect and forgot about it)

The result of a simple upgrade

After the replacement, everything immediately worked perfectly ... and it was PERFECT!
Now it sounds noticeably louder (with "old" settings), although this is not so fundamental.
The main thing is that the sound has become noticeably different - moresaturated soft and juicy top and middle, there are no those "rattling" tops. And a more velvet, clear and deep study of the bottom. I did not even expect such a noticeable difference ...
I am completely satisfied with the alteration and I advise the owners of such budget employees a similar refinement, noticeably and very, but at the price of a "penny".
Well, the type of output - it’s quite possible to buy consideringcost (especially if you compare this “music player” with similar ones sold in our stores) and even more so if you “dig deeper” a little
In terms of price / performance / function, I think it's worth the money. After refinement, you can try to compare the sound with a higher class (with the radio removed)
An additional minus appeared after a fewmonths - On the Chinese screen, the bottom line at times began to glow noticeably weaker than the others - either a marriage or no contact. Perhaps this is a problem of a specific instance, I have not seen complaints in reviews on the Internet about this. I need to look at it, but I won’t get it - it’s not too annoying, and everything else is quite fine now