Car radio on Android for Toyota Corolla E120 / BYD F3

Corolla E120 standard radio noSound sources, except for the disc and radio, does not imply. Therefore, I wanted to put something more functional, at the same time combining the functions of a navigator and a rearview monitor. At the time of purchase on Ebay there were 2-3 offers of radio tape recorders on android and several on Windows CE. Unfortunately, devices without completely unnecessaryno DVD drive was found. The options with WinCE were discarded right away - the system is morally and physically outdated, according to reviews there are problems with multitasking, the interface is slow (because the hardware is usually put dead there) and connecting devices. There was more choice on Ali, and there I found a radio more or less suitable for the price on Android 4.2.2.
At first, there were no problems with the order - they sentit was quickly, but at Chinese customs, the package was suddenly wrapped back to the sender. I am writing to the seller, he answers - “do not worry, as soon as the parcel returns, we will send again”. A week passes, two - no sending. Meanwhile, the seller has a radio on Android 4.4, wrote to him if he could send it instead of the one that was wrapped, he agreed, despite the difference in price. While corresponded, it has been a month since the moment of sending, I’m going to open a dispute, but the seller finally sent a new track. This time the post office was surprised - the package arrived in 2 weeks, so I did not have to extend the protection on Ali.
OS: Android 4.4.4
Processor: 2-core 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 (Presumably Rockchip 3066), Mali-400 MP graphics chip
Screen: 6.2 ", 800 × 480
Radio: AM / FM with RDS, stereo.
Audio channels: 4 × 50W.
2 video outputs, 2 video inputs for cameras.
The box with the radio was in another box, everything was packed quite reliably and came without damage. Contents of delivery:

The appearance of the radio:

On the front panel, among other things, there is a microphone, a reset button and an infrared receiver. In this case, the remote control was not included in the kit, and it is unclear which particular remote control may be suitable for it at all.
Short installation process and problems encountered

Half cables (for additional acoustics,additional screen, external microphone) were not needed. Cables for USB and 3G / WiFi brought to the "glove box" on the central panel, slightly expanding one of the holes in its rear wall.

After turning on, the application opens, whichwas active at the time of shutdown (radio or navigation program, for example). The shell (launcher) is quite nice looking and comfortable. If the radio is started and minimized, the current station is displayed on the left; if not, time and weather are displayed. At the bottom left of the screen are 2 icons for switching between “car” functions and a list of all applications:

DIMM button sequentially switches the brightnessscreen (6 gradations), BAND - switches the radio ranges, MENU - minimizes all applications, NAVI - launches the program assigned in the settings. The bottom buttons are caps, hidden behind them are microSD ports and a miniUSB port (there is an adapter for regular USB in the kit).

In the settings made special "car"points. There you can assign an application for the NAVI button (it means a navigation application, but you can assign any of the installed ones if you wish), configure the radio to mute / deactivate when the navigation program says something, assign control to the steering buttons (I couldn’t verify due to their absence) and adjust equalizer.

Satellites are caught surprisingly quickly, just the same.instantly. Even at the first power-up, when I launched the navigation program, several satellites connected immediately. In the kit was a microSD-card with the iGO program and cards of many countries, including and Russia. Despite the low weight of the maps, my small town there was shown in sufficient detail. But just in case, I put the usual Navitel. And after installing it as the default navigation program, the NavitelContent folder was partially copied from the internal memory to the GPS card. Cards were not copied, transferred them through the file manager.

When reverse gear is turned onswitches to showing from the rear view camera, as it should be (even if the radio has not yet loaded). To do this, one of the wires is connected to the reverse contact under the hood. There is still a wire for connecting to the brakes, I also connected it, but I still did not understand why this was necessary, there is no effect from the brakes. It also provides for the connection of another camera as a DVR.

When connecting a USB flash drive automaticallythe audio player turns on and plays music from it, in the settings it can be turned off. The difference in sound quality compared to the old radio did not notice. The radio can store 18 stations (3 pages of 6):

When you turn off the power, the radio endswork, i.e. not chopped off instantly. Apparently there is some kind of small power source (ionistor?). The button backlight remains on for about a minute after the screen goes blank.
Since there is bluetooth, I wanted to connecta previously purchased OBD2 scanner (ELM327), for which it installed Torque Pro. But the scanner flatly refused to work with this Corolla, although I tried different settings and initialization strings. The scanner itself is working, it was checked on another machine. Yes, and positive reviews about working with E12 in the internet came across, but apparently not fate.
The speakerphone works, successfully connected both a smartphone and a regular phone.
Put Antutu to find out the model of the processor and the graphics accelerator, at the same time tested

In general, I am pleased with the radio.
Pros: full-fledged android in the car, respectively, a large selection of software; You can play music and videos from usb-carriers; the ability to connect the Internet in the car; performance is enough with the head.
Cons: installation problems; long inclusion (~ 40 seconds) in comparison with the head unit; lack of built-in WiFi and 3G.