Car mirror with monitor and auto-dimming instead of the standard.

I have long learned about such a thing as a mirror withmonitor and auto-dimming, which is mounted instead of a regular mirror and decided to purchase. There have already been various reviews of mirrors, most often overhead ones, but there were also mirrors with OEM mounts installed instead of their own, but it was in this configuration with a monitor and auto-darkening that didn’t happen.
First, of course I checked the foreignonline stores, ebay and aliexpress, among the huge number of mirrors on suction cups, there were also those that are installed instead of regular ones, but it was kind of dumb to buy, and I did not want to wait a month at all, I began to search in my country. As a result, I bought a mirror in a local online store, of course I overpaid a little for the speed of delivery and warranty. Here I give a link to the same mirror on aliexpress, because that store does not deliver around the world and generally does not sell such mirrors.
There will be no pictures of the boxes and unpacking, because the mirror was installed two years ago, but there will be a review taking into account operating experience.
The appearance of the mirror is solid, it does not look like a cheap Chinese craft, but as a decent original accessory.
In addition to the mirror itself, there was a “leg” forglass mounts (it is specific for each brand of car), a hex key, a plastic part for fixing the cable and a cable channel to the glass to cover the cable to the mirror.
For those who want to buy such a mirror, first you needfind out the type of mount used in your car and tell its number to the seller. I have a Skoda car and its mount is the same as that used on the VW. The native mirror is removed by turning 45 degrees.
The mirror has two inputs, one Video In, the second CameraIn. The first one is for DVD, the recorder, etc., the second one is for the rear view camera (as the seller told me - sometimes the manufacturer confuses the labels on the inputs, I had everything right). There is also an input for connecting power and a Reverse wire for connecting a reverse gear signal. Studying the functionality showed that the difference of video inputs is that when Camera In is used with the a button on the mirror, you can adjust the brightness, and this input has a higher priority, when a signal appears, the mirror shows video from this input. The + 12V signal on the Reverse line disables the auto-dimming function, it does not affect the operation of the Camera In input.
I installed a mirror, the installation is basically simple,fastening instead of a regular mirror, with the only difference being that it is fixed not with a 45 degree rotation as a regular one, but with the help of a special clamping screw, a hexagon for twisting in the kit. The mirror case is plastic, the size is the same as a regular one, only thicker.
Powered the mirror from the same circuit asDVR (interior lighting circuit, plus the fact that it is de-energized in Fabia when it is set to an alarm or a few minutes after the ignition is turned off), the wire was laid under the interior trim.

I connected mirrors to the Video In inputthe DVR through the usual button with a fixation (installed it on the panel so that you can turn off the video signal), on Camera In - connected the parking camera. I didn’t put a cap on the cable, so putting the alarm into place is prevented by the alarm antenna glued by the installers over the mirror.

In the background is my DVR, it is without a screen, I brought a picture from it to the mirror.

So the mirror looks in the cabin. On the front panel under the mirror there is one button and two “eyes”.
Behind the right is a green LED -an indicator of auto-dimming activity, and behind the left is a light sensor, another one is on the back of the mirror. The button allows you to temporarily turn off auto-dimming or adjust the brightness of the picture from the camera.
The auto dimming function works like this -compares the brightness of the light incident on the mirror from the back and front, and if the front is dark (night), and the back is light (gay xenon), then the surface of the mirror is darkened. Dimming works quickly, and as a result of two years of operation, I wildly like this function, now I regret that it is impossible to put such an external mirror.
When the monitor is turned off - it is not visible at alla mirror, at any angle, in any light. When the reverse gear is turned on, power is supplied to the reverse lamp, and from there I powered the camera. The camera turns on, a video signal appears at its output, the mirror detects it and turns on the monitor. When the monitor is on, you can look at both the camera image and the reflection in the mirror, but you have to refocus your vision. Also in the afternoon, in bright light, the screen fades a little behind.
At the end, a small video of the monitor in the mirror