Car Clips 8mm

Such clips are widely used in the automotive industry and can be found in almost any car; they are often fastened with frills and mud flaps, sometimes body kits and overlays.
Periodically, they fly out, break and get lost.
In a car dealer, such items are sold individually at a cost of 20 rubles, and branded ones cost from 50 rubles
I ordered a handful of inexpensive universal clips for testing.
The seller mistakenly indicated the installation size of 6mm (actually 8mm)
The clip is 4-petal, a threaded pin 6mm, a cross slot.

Workmanship is low - there is a burr, plastic is soft, light without reinforcement.
Installation size 8-8.3mm, skirt diameter 19.5mm, total length 17.5mm
If the hole is larger, you have to put an 8mm washer on the back
Screed Thickness 6-8mm
Comparison with a standard clip


Set and removed normally, without difficulty
Instead of disassembling this time, a crash test
Unhappy clip bent, broke, torn, cut, bit, flattened and set on fire

The plastic is soft, flexible, does not break, cuts well and creases, burns pretty well
If you are interested - large catalogs of various clips
Conclusion: it costs its money, it is quite suitable for fastening light non-power elements.