Car LED Bulbs CREE LED Headlight H4 hi / lo

I took out of curiosity what kind of paws these CreeLed under H4 and even with passive cooling. But since previous reviews of these lamps were deleted, and I did not intend to write my own, the information on them will be outlined in brief.

1) Inconvenient installation, easier to install as a whole than with a removable ring.
2) Something will need to be done with anther.
3) Due to the design features of the Cree Led H4 lamp and the headlamp itself, it may be difficult to adjust the lighting direction.
4) Power consumption: 1.09A - only near, 1.9A - near + far, i.e. ~ 15 and ~ 26 Watts
5) The radiator heats up slightly, the highest temperature was fixed at ~ 65C, in the base area ~ 55C.
6) They shine really brightly, in comparison with an ordinary halogen lamp and a color shade of ~ 6000K
7) Middle, almost regular shape.
8) The distant, slurred, affects the design of the lamp and headlights.
9) Compared with halogen lamp with increasedlight output + 100% (such as h4 philips x-treme vision or the like), the choice is no longer unambiguous, since the brightness is at least slightly higher, but visibility on the road does not add, especially taking into account clause 6 and clause 8
10) Luminous flux hardly exceeds 2000lm. per lamp (CREE XML-2 XM-L2 EasyWhite).
11) The driver muffles the radio completely.

The following is a comparison of a conventional Halogen lampwith Cree Led under the H4 base in "laboratory" conditions. When shooting was set to a minimum sensitivity and work in one mode. “Far” in the photographs, this is when only the part of the lamp responsible for the far worked.

In order to understand what pattern the Cree Led is shining, the camera flash was forced on.

The location of the light sources and the resulting type of lighting.

In conclusion, I want to point out again thatThe photographs show images using a conventional halogen lamp. When compared with lamps with increased light output of the type + 100%, the difference is not striking, not even so significant. And taking into account the fact that the high beam on these lamps is not very and there are unpleasant bonuses in the form of jamming by the radio driver, the natural conclusion suggests itself: you should not take it.