Budget Men's Wallet

I want to write a review about the men's wallet.
I ask all to me under kat)
I chose a wallet for my husband, it doesn’t matter which one, the main thing is to be black)
The choice fell on this one.
Available in black and brown. At the request of her husband ordered black, although I liked more brown.
Ordered in mid-August, received the package on the 1st of September.
Packed quite well, in several layers, for which many thanks to the seller.
And so the photo.
The wallet came one to one.

Inside several departments:

Under a trifle, riveting works well, keeps on solid 5.

The second flip side is:

The lid seems to be made of leather, but I won’t argue, because leather products don’t weld edges

And so we summarize:
- high-quality tailoring, does not warp, riveting on a trifle works well, seams are sewn perfectly
-many departments, department for sim cards, for cards
-Good department for small things, which is important, and the riveting on this department holds just fine
- the wallet material is soft, the size of the wallet is ideal for both a small men's bag and a pocket
There are no minuses, the only thing I didn’t like was Pts (my husband said the rules), that the wallet’s lid is not closed for riveting, but for a magnet. Although the magnet holds well.
On the other hand, rivets on the lids constantly fail most quickly.
Thanks to those who looked to me.