BNF [No transmitter] WL V929 4CH 2.4GHz 3D Fly 4 Rotor RC model Helicopter

Good day to all.
For the past week, the WLToys V929 mini quadrocopter flew to me.
In short, I am very pleased with the purchase. For those who want to know whether such models are interesting to him, this is the best option.
This is how the hero of our review looks.

A few words about the seller and delivery.

In the next topic, I spoke out that I decided not to mess with (the truth convinced me there v929 costs $ 32.99). I decided to search on, there were not many of them. I chose a seller who posted a photo of the package. It was important for me that the packaging was foam plastic, plastic did not inspire confidence. Copter cost $ 34.99 + $ 4 set of additional propellers.
The parcel strayed around China for a long time, but quickly appeared on import. Total travel time 17 days.
The copter was well protected from all of us beloved mail.

The package corresponds to the title picture.
* Copter
* 2 sets of propellers
* LiPo 3.7V 500mAh battery
* Charger
My hobby began with airplanes and therefore I already had a remote control. I can’t say anything about the stock console, although I read somewhere that it does not differ in the smoothness of the sticks.
My Avionix AV-TH9B-M2 took $ 63 for

The description indicates that you can use the remote control from V911.
Unpacked, assembled.

Included was a LiPo battery at 500mAh.

And charging is very similar to charging from a mobilephone. The first and last time I charged her. The fact is that she charged the battery to a value of 4.25V. A normal value of 4.2V recharge can lead, at best, to faster degradation of the battery, and at worst to fire. So I decided to use the time-tested ImaxB6 (V911). It charges on average 40 minutes, the flight time is about 10 minutes. I recommend buying additional batteries.

The assembly seems to be nothing complicated, you need to insert the battery and fix the propellers. The propellers are fixed with a small screw.

There were no suitable screwdrivers at home, somehowhalf, twisted with his wife’s nail file. But it would not be me if everything worked out right away. I mixed up the propellers. In a quadrocopter, motors of the same colors rotate in different directions.
Picture for example. Quadrocopter X configuration

And if you swap the propellers of forward and reverse rotation, the force will be directed downward, that is, it will be pressed to the ground on the contrary.
Okay, took off, swapped and he flew. Joy was no chapel. But pulling the stick a little harder he put it against the wall. Surprisingly, he survived))). It didn’t even need repairs. It was on Friday. On Saturday there was a strong wind and drizzled rain. The weather is not flying at all. But the desire to try out a new toy was stronger. At work, I have a yard with the letter P. On three sides, the buildings were protected from the wind. Since I live a five-minute walk from work, I ran into the office and waited until at least the rain ended. The rain was over but there was wind and puddles. And I made up my mind. It took off and the first gust of wind pulled the copter from me. Having completed the aerobatics under the name "Carrot", I decided that I should not torture him anymore. Then I got the idea that we have a conference room in our office. Large room the size of a school class. He squeezed the costs on the remote control, up to 70, and began to slowly get used to a new buzzing friend.
When the weather improved and it became possible to fly toopen area, I got to the parking lot at work. In calm weather, the copter is very stable and obedient. The only thing I didn’t like was that on a depleted battery, with a sharp turn in the circle of its axis, it could fall to one side.
If you set the costs to 120%, the copter doestranslation in a circle of its axis in a vertical plane, colloquially flip. This function is quite colorful and invokes a “wow” effect among observers. I also use it if I have risen to a great height. I’m doing a somersault, the copter is stabilizing and slowly starting to decline. Let's say this is a more useful “feature” than a “bug”. But this functionality has a huge minus if you accelerate dramatically and try to stop the copter sharply by pulling the stick all the way, the copter will flip, usually with such a maneuver there is already not enough height and the insect falls belly up.
So I broke the canopa.

It is worth saying a few words about the crash of stability of the model. He is practically not killed. I dropped it from a height of 5-6 floors, previously putting it on the wall. Just figured out the beam.

The posting was not very successful. The wire passes in the beam, the beam is inserted into the motor mount, and if the beam flies out of the motor mount, an attempt to insert it into place, personally, ends with a wire break.

The wire goes into the hole between the beam and the motor mount.

Attempts to put the beam back in with me usually ended not quite successfully:

I had to solder the connector. I led the wires out and fixed them with heat shrink.

When falling from a height, propellers suffered greatly. I even regretted that I took only one extra. set, black is already over. The propeller itself is soft and bends if the blow fell on him.

Also, I managed to break off the tip of one prop and the other just cracked. By the way, it is worth paying tribute to the stabilization system. I flew a little with a cracked propeller.
What kind of quadrocopter will it be without a camera))) We tried to attach a Turnigy 30FPS Ultra-Mini DigiCam (V911) mini camera to it

Video of the flight of the copter itself (I apologize for the quality, it was shot on the phone).

By the way, this is shooting the same flight. I was struck by how different the perception from the ground and from the copter.
A few words in conclusion.
I really liked the toy. I recommend to purchase.
+ Low price
+ Stable
+ Easy to manage
+ Simple design and, as a result, high maintainability.
- There is no ray illumination. If you fly far enough, it can be difficult to understand the orientation of the copter. There is already a modification with backlight. Sold in bangood called New Version WLtoys V929 Beetle 4-Axis Quadcopter Dexterous Mini UFO RTF.
- Not very high quality standard charging.
- A complete battery is not enough. You should immediately order at least a couple more. So that while one is charging on another, you can fly.
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Enhanced Performance Batteries: Turnigy nano-tech 600mah
P.S. I wanted to compare it with V911, I bought it on ali at a supernova sale, with delivery by Hong Kong post. Not only did the seller send by China post, but he also refused to pack in polystyrene. As a result, he made a refound. I did not want to re-order. I decided to smoke and assemble a real quadrocopter.

That's all I wanted to say. Thanks to all))