Pandora bracelet from China + three charm and a box for them. Not the original, but of good quality.

  • Price: bracelet - $ 17.76 + charms - $ 6.86 + $ 7.47 + $ 7.69 + charms box - $ 4.18
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My goddaughter has a birthday in winter, soIn the fall, I was puzzled by a gift for her. Since she is already a big girl - for 8 years it was decided to buy something from jewelry. The choice fell on the Pandora brand, but having walked around the local shopping centers, it became clear that even a minimal set of bracelets and a few charms will pull above $ 100. Since I’m not ready to buy silver practicallyat the price of gold, I was already thinking of looking for another gift, but looking at Ali's expanses, I found that there is a fairly large selection of Pandora copies to any wallet from cheap metal bracelets for 150-300 r to exact silver copies for more sane money than in a company store. It was decided to take a copy of normal quality.
I ordered:
Classic bracelet 17cm for $ 17.76

Mickey Mouse Charm for $ 7.69
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Charm with the letter B for $ 6.86
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Charm with the sign of Sagittarius for $ 7.47
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Box for charms for $ 4.18
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I ordered at the sale of 11.11 almost all items had a good discount. Now, judging by Alituls, the seller raised the price. For example, a bracelet costs $ 37.79, although its average price is $ 29.52
Despite 11.11, the seller sent everything quickly. True, the package weight of 60 grams was a bit confusing. Everything went in 44 days, of which 15 days went to Moscow. All the rest is the delays of the Russian Post.
The products that I received are quality mepleased. When compared with those original products that I saw in the store and the acquaintances, the difference is not noticeable. I searched the Internet and found signs by which to distinguish fake. I quote from another site:
1. Inside the bracelet - the original there is always a four-leafed leaf. Fakes have two petals (I'm talking about high-quality fakes, low-quality ones differ simply in their terrifying appearance)

On my bracelet is a four leaf leaf. The clasp inside is not shiny like the original.
2. the letter “A” on the original repeats the logo. That is, one side is wide, the second narrow. The inscription on the original is rather dark gray than black, because it is an engraving. Skilled Chinese sculpt enamel on fakes.

My inscription is engraved, the letter A is thinner on one side and thicker on the other. This is better seen in the second letter A.
3. The letter “O” is always (!) Round. on fakes you can find an oval

On my bracelet, the letter O is round but the crown is not pronounced.
4. The mark of the RPP. True, this difference is characteristic of Russia and also for some countries (the stigma of each country is individual). The stigma is set according to seniority: on the metal, which is larger (we have silver): lady in the kokoshnik + 925, but the sample indicating the presence of gold is engraved as “585”.
The stigma is not only a test.
5. The outer side of the lock is in the silver original. Released after 2011, it’s wide, not narrow, like a bracelet with a golden lock, the design of which has not changed.

On the bracelet, the outside of the lock is wide.
I will not conduct tests because there is nothing, but in appearance the bracelet and charms are made of silver. At home I have only a kitchen scale with a division price of 1 g.
The total weight of the bracelet and three charms is 20 g.,

Bracelet without charms 13 gr.

Separately, I want to stop at the box. I ordered a 5x5 cm box for charms, naively assuming that the bracelet is sold with a box. But the bracelet came in a bag of boxes and pouches in China must be purchased separately. I had to offline buy the original box. Outwardly, it is no different at all from that which came to me from China. Although before buying the original, I looked at a couple of boxes offline from China, the quality left much to be desired.
Output. I liked the products in terms of quality and similarity to the original. I got exactly what I was counting on. The only thing that upset the price increase in this store was thinking about buying jewelry there.
In addition, some more photos of the bracelet with charms.

Thank you all for your attention. Have a nice shopping.