Razor Qshave. A machine that can compete with Gillette

Good day.
Today I will tell you about the Qshave high-quality cassette razor.
For fans to see, there is a video part, it is at the very end of the review.
P.S Update (at the very end)
Packaging The first serious impression the Qshave makes while still being packaged. The box is very beautiful, made inminimalistic design. Only the brand name meets us in front. there is still more information on the reverse side, namely, the equipment is illustrated, and also given site manufacturer, I note that he is in Russian. On the side faces there are arrows showing the direction of extension of the carriage.

Options At the very top is a brochure, it is also in Russian.

The basic kit costs US $ 5.06, for an additional US $ 2 you can make an inscription on the base of the handle (instead of the number 5).

The kit comes with a pen, as well as 2 cassettes, one for 5 blades, the other for 3.
Also, along with cassettes, a brush forcleaning the space between the blades from the bristles, it often helps out, since the cassette with 5 blades actively collects hairs and, accordingly, clogs.
The handle, the gripping mechanism and the cassettes themselves. The handle is made of blue plastic and has 2 silicone pads, thanks to which it simply lies perfectly in the hand.

As I already said, 2 cassettes are included in the kit, for 5 and 3 blades.

Each cartridge has 2 pads, top and bottom, bottom it is silicone, but on top it is lubricant plastic.
They are fastened quite easily, it is enough to pull the upper movable platform on the handle and place the cartridge in the groove that appears.

This is how the razor looks assembled.

Shaving quality Immediately, looking ahead, I wantsay that it’s good here, the blades are quite sharp, it shaves well, there is no irritation on the skin. A 5-blade cassette can be compared to a gillette mach3 razor, but a 3-blade cassette will not be equal to the products of a famous brand.
Sharpening blades keep excellent, on par with gillette.
+ Quality performance.
+ Comfortable shave.
+ Low price for consumables.
- the blades are clogged with hairs
- cassette with 3 blades can not cope with thick bristles
To summarize: this razor is great for shaving. The quality of the machine itself, like cassettes, in principle, is simply a masterpiece.
P.S Update
After some time, I noticed that the cassette with 5it is best suited for small, 1-2-day-old bristles with blades, and this cassette copes poorly with already grown hairs, apparently those who are dissatisfied with this razor shaved a long bristle, but a cassette with 3 blades reveals all its abilities with already grown bristles.
Video review In addition to the text review, as I said at the very beginning, there is also a video part ...

I hope you enjoyed this text and video review.
Thank you for your attention, see you soon.