Decorative candlestick and pillowcase on a pillow from one store

Hello everybody!
I’ll digress a bit from the clothes, talk about a very beautiful candlestick, and also about the pillowcase for the pillow, so as not to produce reviews, since they were bought in one store.
These interior items have long been in myof course, my daughter put them there, and somehow it happened that there was money on the card, the seller reduced the price, my daughter got a good mark, my mood was good, I ordered all this stuff. The seller quickly shipped the parcel, and it arrived quickly, in about 20 days.
The parcel was packed in a box of polystyrene; naturally, in such a box, everything came safe and sound.

The main character of the review is a candlestick.

It is metallic, coated with paint. Its dimensions: diameter 8cm, height about 14 cm. Photo next to the cover of the camera.

View from above.

The lid is closed by eyelets.

In places where the lid closes, the paint has already peeled off a little.

But still, the candlestick in the dark looks just super.

My daughter looked for the same seller small pillowthat fit into the interior to her room. It cost $ 8.79
This is not a pillow, but a 42x42 cm pillowcase, it is written on the seller’s page. But at our place there is one pillow unloved by all, from which we take a filler. As a result, it turned out like this.

On the side there is a lock through which the filler is pushed into the pillow.

Drawing on one side only.

The material of the pillowcase feels like linen, the old tablecloths were also sewn from this. Well, the smell was at the pillow, well, it’s like from my grandmother’s chest. Washed, weathered.
A cat has chosen a pillow; he likes to sleep on our pillows.

The seller put small nail files as a gift, maybe this is something else, who knows, enlighten, please.

The seller has a good rating, and the store has a lot of interesting things for decoration, I recommend looking there.
Enjoy the shopping!