Wooden flash drive in a box

New Year holidays are approaching, and I decided tooto stock up. I have a friend in my friends who gravitates towards all kinds of natural things. For him, such a flash drive will be a gift for the New Year. Continued under the cut.
I found one more thing from the same seller, so the box will be more than a flash drive)) But thanks for the box too, I packed it honestly.

Next to the second order (review later).

Here is such a box. I have plans to put a drawing or congratulation on it, the seller himself suggests doing it, but the price for 1 pc bites.

A wooden side is a tree, as far as I understand trees)) - this is bamboo something.

All the grooves glued look is of high quality.

I understand the extension of the tree, as we are building the lining.

Box sizes 80 by 52 mm

Inside, sandwiched on all sides by a polyphony, than a flash drive lies. I ordered 8 GB with a box (although there was an option without a box - but for 1 dollar difference, HERE it doesn’t even pack it normally ((

There is a magnet on the cover and end plate, which prevents the cover from opening unauthorized.

Wood structure and lid grooves.

Polotototam reliably holds the flash drive inside the box.

Cover structure.

Even the pin and the wooden one. It comes off with effort. Inside does not hang out.

The seat of the flash drive.

You can only close in one direction.

The port enters the YUSB normally, does not hang out. I could not get the flash drive out (

Open dimensions 11.5 cm

The total width of the flash drive is 2.3 cm. I don’t know the weight, but not heavier than the flash drive in the same plastic case.

A red LED is lit in the USB port, it blinks while recording or reading.

I don’t know what class this flash drive belongs to, the average movie recording speed is 5 MB / s


A small video review

Bottom line: The original gift flash drive. Made quite high quality. For the present it is. I recommend to purchase.